Japanese Title: おおかみこどもの雨と雪
Chinese Title: 狼之子雨与雪
Release Date: July 2012

I love Japanese animations. Among all I had watched thus far, Spirited Away remains the most unforgettable one in my mind but of course I am not going to talk about that but the recent one which I watched lately, The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

A young woman, Hua (name based on the Chinese pronunciation, ) falls in love with a fellow University student. However, the young man is a werewolf but this does not stop Hua from loving him. They live together after she had given birth to their children - Ame (who was born in winter) and Yuki (who was born on a rainy day). They are supposed to have a happy life but the father's death changes their life thereafter. To avoid the public's knowledge of her having wolf children, Hua decided to move to an isolated place and start their new life there. Nevertheless, life is tough on Hua as not only she has to look after her active children but she has to rely on her own when mending their old hut and planting vegetables for food. 

Ame is the eldest girl and she is kind of a happy-go-lucky girl; she is not afraid of her true identity and she easily shows her emotions by shifting. Yuki, unlike her sister, is a quiet and timid boy. Despite their difference, they are still a pair of loving siblings and they have promised their mother that they would keep their identity as wolf children a secret, and that they would not shape-shift whenever there are people around. 

Life move on and they are quite happy with their new life. Ame and Yuki can wander freely and their mother has even began to make new friends with a few residents who are staying in the same area, although they are living a distance away. Ame has also started school, after much persuasion to her mother. Slowly, her school life has lead her to become more 'ladylike' as she wants to mingle with her friends. A goal starts to form in her mind as she wants to be more human-like. 

Yuki, on the other hand, starts to embrace his true identity after an accident nearly caused his life. Through his acquaintance with a fox, he begins to explore the jungle and learn the nature of being a predator. Though Hua knew of his intention, she knew she couldn't stop her children from following their paths, no matter if they chose to be a 'normal' human or a werewolf eventually. 

The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki is a heart warming story of a mother's love and devotion towards her children. Unlike other werewolves' stories, this animation focus more on the relationship between a mother and children and the siblings themselves instead of their shape-shifting life we most often watch in movies or read in books. However, this does not mean that the plot is lacking but more of an emotionally driven story that will evoke emotions in your heart, especially if you are a mother.
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  2. I love the concept of this story and the way you describe it. It really does sound like something I would like.

    I may have told you before, but my husband really likes Japanese anime. I don't think he gets to watch it quite as often as he once did, but I'm sure that will change as Mouse gets older and wants to watch with us. :-)

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