ISBN-13: 9781846556562
Publisher: Harvill Secker
Publication Date: August 2013

Format: Trade Paperback, 303 pgs
Source: Personal Library

Wow. It seems like a long time since I have updated this blog. I hope everyone is doing well, and not to mention reading lots of good books. My reading has been slow; but that doesn't mean that I have stopped reading altogether. 

The latest book I read, The Never List by Koethi Zan, is a  psychological thriller and I have to say it is a good read for a debut. 

This story is about four girls who were held captive by a sadistic psychopath and how they decided to seek and unveil the truth after Professor Jack Derber, their captor who abducted them is up for parole and their testimony is a crucial decision if he is to be released from the prison or not. 

Sarah and Jennifer are best friends and they took their freedom and life seriously so much so that they would spend years methodically studying and documenting every danger that could possibly ever touch them - avalanches, disease, earthquakes, car crashes, sociopaths and wild animals. They believed their paranoia would protect them and at least prevent them from happening. They don't believe in fate and think that it is a word used when one is not prepared; fate is a weak man's crutch in their opinions. Not only that, they also made a Never List which they would jot down and remind themselves never to do this or that; such as never park more than six spaces from your destination, never trust a stranger with a flat tire . . . stuff like that. 

However, bad things do happen no matter how careful one is and that happened to Sarah and Jennifer when they thought they are safe enough to attend a private party off campus since they had called for a transportation service to bring them back. Unfortunately, they had somewhat let their guards down and hopped into a black sedan when it arrived. After all, they had called for the service and everything would be fine, right? 

Their nightmares began when they realised they were kept in a dark cellar and they weren't alone. There were two other girls who were there before them and they were chained to the walls. The four of them were locked down there for more than three years, and Jennifer's fate still remains a mystery to Sarah even though the three of them had escaped from the devil's grasp. 

Sarah, one of the survivors and the leading heroine of this book, wants to find out what had happened to Jennifer after all those years and she planned to work with the other two survivors who had shared her nightmare. What Sarah had discovered along her journey would shock and remains an unforgettable memory for the rest of her life, but that wouldn't stopped her from exploring no matter how bad or shocking the truth is; even if it meant she has to enter into that dark cellar, again. 

Though The Never List is never a pleasant read in regards to the unfortunate events that happened to the victims, but what made this a good read is the author's attempt in keeping this reader captivated through her writing style as well as the intense plot which entitled me to question the captor's motive in the end. After all, he was a respected professor teaching at a college campus. Certainly there must be some reason for him to commit such hideous crimes, and this is where part of this story is about. . . for Sarah and the readers to find out the captor's motive and the other part about Sarah's frightening experience of being a captive and finding out the truth. All in all a great read for a debut author, and I would definitely look out for her next releases. 
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  1. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    Hey, long time no see!! I just received this book on audio YESTERDAY! What timing! I will make sure I get it loaded sounds really good!

  2. Iliana Says:

    So good to see you posting Melody! Glad to hear all is going well. I've got this book waiting for me so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I hope we see more posts from you :)

  3. The Bookworm Says:

    Hi Mel!
    Wow, The Never List sounds really similar to a incident that took place not too long ago. A sick man held four women captive for about 10 years. He kidnapped them around ages 13-14. One of the ladies managed to finally escape and find help so the rest were freed. One of those poor women gave birth in the house they were being held prisoners in! So there was a small child rescued too.
    I wonder if the author based this book on that.

  4. Melody Says:

    Sandy, Iliana and Naida - Hello, my dear friends! Thanks so much for your comments and yes, it's been a long while since I've 'chatted' with you ladies! Haven't checked out my Google Reader (Oops! Need to read through other device) for a long while but I will, so please forgive my delaying.

    Hope you all have a wonderful week and will catch up with you soon!! :)

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