This is one of the older K-dramas (2010) I watched a while back. Road No. 1 is a war story which was based on real events between Seoul and Pyongyang. 

Since a boy, Lee Jang Woo (starring So Ji Sub) and his father worked as servants in a family. Jang Woo and Soo Yeon (starring Kim Ha Neul), the eldest daughter of the family, are childhood sweethearts. Soo Yeon's ambition is to be a doctor, but life becomes tough for them and Jang Woo decides to join the army in order to earn money to pay for her tuition. 

During the time when Jang Woo is out fighting, Soo Yeon spends her time studying and in the end fulfills her wish of becoming a doctor and treats injured soldiers. She is still awaiting for Jang Woo's return, until one day she receives news that he had died in combat. 

Soo Yeon eventually moves on with her life and knew an army officer, Shin Tae Ho (starring Yoon Kye Sang) through her work. Tae Ho falls in love with her on first sight, but deep down Soo Yeon still couldn't forget Jang Woo and is still hoping that he'd be back safe and sound. 

Tae Ho wants to marry Soo Yeon, and at that point Soo Yeon realises that Jang Woo wouldn't be back and she agrees to his proposal. Alas, on the eve of their wedding, Jang Woo returns home. He claimed that the news of his death had been a mistake. Soo Yeon is now torn between two men. 

However, her worries are nothing as compared to the war that befalls their country. The following morning, North Korea invades South Korea, marking the beginning of the Korean War. Both men, Jang Woo and Tae Ho are sent to the battlefield, without getting an answer from Soo Yeon whom she'd choose. 

Jang Woo and Tae Ho become rivalries, but both of them knew that if they bring their personal feelings to the battlefields, they'd get themselves killed. Gradually under those tough circumstances, they'd learned to work as a team and watch out for one another. But as we all know, war changes everything and fate does play a part when one's life is concerned. 

Road No. 1 is one unforgettable war dramas to me, alongside with movies Saving Private RyanPearl Harbor and Atonement. I don't specially seek out books and movies on wars, but their stories are usually knowledgeable and inspiring in some ways. Movies, on the other end, have made the images more vivid and thus most often stayed in one's mind long after a book is closed. 

Like many war stories, Road No. 1 is emotional and pull on your heartstrings. Wars are cruel, for sure, and they make it even harder to watch especially when one has to leave for battle while others scramble for their lives. In this case, Jang Woo and Tae Ho have to fight against their enemies, while deep down they are also fighting against each other over a woman they love. When one finally admits defeat, it is war that claims the winner. Not wanting to disclose spoilers, I just want to say the ending had me in tears. 

Actors So Ji Sub and Yoon Kye Sang have both brought their roles to life through their excellent acting skills. I've to say So Ji Sub left a deep impression on me due to his manly physique and not to mention the role he portrayed. He is never conceited and always spare a thought for his peers in the role he portrayed; he is most often calm under critical situations and most of all, he has a kind heart. I've to say I rooted for him all the way through the drama; and although my heart goes out to Soo Yeon too, it was always Jang Woo who caught my attention and had me hoping that he would win all the battles.

If you are a fan of historical and a good romance story, this drama is for you. 

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  1. jenclair Says:

    So Ji Sub has such variety in his talent. Have you seen Ghost (also known as Phantom)? I really liked that one, and of course, Master's Sun!

  2. This sounds like a heart wrenching movie, Melody. I think I would like it. I don't know too much about that time period, but I'm already pulled into the character's story just from your review.

  3. Melody Says:

    Indeed he is! He's one of my favourite Korean actors!

    Yep I did, and I loved them all. I hope he has a new drama soon!!

  4. Melody Says:

    I really enjoyed this drama, Wendy, though the setting and the overall atmosphere of it was sad.

    I think you'll like this drama.

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