I have mentioned before that I will be watching Kill Me, Heal Me after raving about Ji Sung's versatile acting skill not too long ago and here I am about to do so, again. 

While I thought the story of Secret was great, Kill Me, Heal Me tells a different story about a man who has dissociative identity disorder (also known as multiple personality disorder) due to some life-threatening traumatic events when he was a boy and how his encounter with a first-year psychiatric resident helps him in dealing with his condition ultimately. 

The premise is basically Cha Do Hyun (starring Ji Sung) is suffering from DID and depending on his mental state and emotions, he will "manifest" into one of his seven personalities. His personalities vary from a vehement man (with a hint of violence except to children and women) to a suicidal teenager; a witty man with a passion for boats and drinking to a feisty teenage "girl"; a 7-year-old "girl" and a mysterious Mr X who are both later revealed as part of the mystery surrounding his medical state. 

Hwang Jung-eum, who played Do Hyun's personal psychiatric, Oh Ri-jin, is once again co-stars with Ji Sung after their previous performance in Secret. I liked watching their exchanges so I was delighted to find they are pairing up again in this drama. Aside from these two, I also enjoyed the scenes between Ri-jin and her older brother, Ri-on. Despite they aren't biological siblings, how they feel and treat towards each other is equivalent or even exceed some siblings who share the same blood. There are times that I was really touched by their relationship. 

There are bits of child abuse element in this drama, though they aren't graphic and I was thankful for that; because the last thing I want to watch is seeing children being abused although I know in reality such things happen and it is all so sad and heartbreaking. 

There are a few surprises in the end and yes, I liked it that there was a twist. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing the different sides of Ji Sung's roles. I don't think I'd see him play so many roles in a drama other than this and I'm giving this a 5-star rating because of the storyline and not to mention Ji Sung's outstanding acting skill. 

Some memorable lines between Do Hyun and Ri-jin: 

"Aren't you scared of the personalities that live inside of me?" 

"Well, it's a little tiring, but anyways, I want to be close with all of them. And comfort them. I've things to say to them as well. From now on, rather than "kill me" ask "heal me". Even if that happens, you guys will not die. You guys will be still alive in here. [Pointing to Do Hyun's heart] But you guys are no longer scattered pieces but like connected puzzles, you'll become a cooler picture. With the name of Cha Do Hyun, you guys will become a cooler person."

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  1. The Bookworm Says:

    This sounds interesting, the topic of multiple personality disorders is a fascinating one. Have you seen the movie Sybil? It's older and really sad, but it deals with this topic too.
    Happy Monday :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Naida - No, I haven't heard of Sybil so I'll be checking that out. Thanks for the recommendation, Naida! Hope you've a great week! :-)

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