Entertainer is a story revolving around music and the journey of four young lads' challenges while pursuing their dreams and most of all, an arrogant, ambitious manager who has to start his career all over again after a downfall from a prestigious entertainment company and how he has carved out a career for the four newbies in the music industry through hard work and obstacles.

Shin Suk Ho (starring Ji Sung) is the manager who used to work as a director for KTOP but rivalries and a defamatory drove him out of the biggest entertainment company. With nowhere to go and feeling dejected, he thinks he has lost all directions and motivations until he heard a song sang by a high school student, Jo Ha Neul (starring Kang Min Hyuk) through a school speaker. Moved by the song and his voice, Suk Ho decides that this young lad might be the answer for his future. 

Ha Neul, on the other hand, has decided not to sing anymore as he wants to honour his late parents' wish and on top of it he is falsely accused of sexual harassment by his female schoolmate and is now on probation by the court. He was on the verge of suicide until Suk Ho stopped him and told him that he would make him a star and that he would help him to clear his name. 

Suk Ho sets up his own entertainment company, Mango. He also found another three members to form a music band. Though Mango is small and nameless, Suk Ho manages to uphold the business and bring attention to the newly formed music band through the help of a long-time female friend and a songwriter. However, their hopes are quickly shattered as someone from KTOP wouldn't want Suk Ho to succeed and would do anything to bring them all down. 

I've to confess the main reason I was attracted to watching Entertainer is because of actor Ji Sung. I was wowed by his performance on Secret and Kill Me, Heal Me and I'd had high expectations with his latest drama. Although Entertainer didn't have too many melodrama moments and might even be considered slow paced at times, what truly makes this drama stands out is the spirits and determination of Suk Ho and his band members as well as the passion of pursuing one's dreams. There isn't many romantic moments here though Suk Ho and Ha Neul's sister, Geu Rin (starring Hyeri) do have feelings for each other and their little gestures for each other did warm one's heart (I loved it that Suk Ho treasures the green umbrella which Geu Rin gave him during his depression; and the book she gave him - Daddy-Long-Legs, kind of reminds him that they are very much like Judy and Mr John Smith and that she doesn't really care much about their age difference.) 

All in all it was quite a heart-warming, inspirational story though I wished there are more thrills and more romantic moments. Ji Sung's acting skill continues to wow viewers through Suk Ho's character; a role that reflects his zest and his remorseful feelings at the same time.

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  1. jenclair Says:

    I finished watching Neighborhood Hero, which I enjoyed. Now, I need to catch up on the Dae Bak episodes! Will definitely keep Entertainer in mind, since I'm watching dramas again. :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - I'll have to check out Neighbourhood Hero. Hope you'll watch Descendants of the Sun, too. :)

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