The writer of Descendants of the Sun (Kim Eun-Sook) penned a new story and in this latest drama (also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) it revolves around a goblin (protector of souls) and a grim reaper. 

Set between ancient Goryeo Dynasty and present time, this is a story about love, friendship, retribution and redemption. 

During Goryeo time, General Kim Shin (starring Gong Yoo) was an unbeatable warrior and had won many battles. However the young King was insecure and jealous so he had Kim Shin killed after he returned to court after his victory. Kim Shin became a goblin who has an immortal life. 

900 years later and back to present, Kim Shin is still waiting for a human bride to end his immortal life, which he learnt it is more of a curse than a blessing. One night he saved a pregnant woman who was destined to die. She later gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Ji Eun-Tak (starring Kim Go-Eun). On the day her mother passed Eun-Tak met the grim reaper (starring Lee Dong-Wook) right away she knew she was different from other human beings, aside from her ability to see ghosts. 

Now a high school student, Eun-Tak lives with her aunt but she is ill treated by her family. She still sees ghosts and hears their whisper of "goblin's bride" but has no idea what's everything about. On the day of her birthday Kim Shin appears in front of her after she has blown out the candles on her birthday cake. None of them understands why but Kim Shin later finds out that Eun-Tak could summon him whenever she blows off a light. Is she his destined bride? 

On the other end, the grim reaper couldn't rest his mind since the day he met Sunny, a beautiful young woman (starring Yoo In-na) when their attention fell on a green jade ring simultaneously. None of them couldn't understand the draw they feel towards each other; the grim reaper is the most affected as he always feel a sorrowful ache whenever he sees her. What is the secret past surrounding them?  

Writer Kim Eun-Sook has once again delivered another stellar work after the success of Descendants of the Sun (DOTS), which had taken the K-dramas world by storm. This time around she has wowed viewers with her two extraordinary heroes; both whom I felt possessed the same superhero quality as in Captain Yoo Si-jin (starring Song Joong-ki) in DOTS. Kim Shin is a true hero in many ways, from his warrior form to the present wealthy man he is ever the protector who watches over his loved ones (his younger sister and Eun-Tak). Like in DOTS, Ms Kim showed us the male friendship between two of her male leads. While Captain Yoo and Sergeant Major Seo are both loyal friends and comrade in arms in DOTS, we see the similar friendship between the goblin and the grim reaper although they have a lot of differences when their life and destiny are concerned. 

(Grim reaper and Goblin)

And of course we can't miss out the romances. No matter if it's Kim Shin and Eun-Tak or the grim reaper and his loved one, their scenes are often filled with sweet tender moments despite they could be sorrowful at times. I also loved it that some shots are taken in Canada; the autumn setting and the scenic places left me in awe. 

(Eun-Tak and Kim Shin)

(Sunny and Grim reaper)

Am I surprised with the ending? Yes and no. Truth be told, I was quite taken aback by some scenes in the last episode but knowing this is Ms Kim's work I knew she would not disappoint. 

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  1. jenclair Says:

    I need to get back to this one!

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - :) And here I'm looking forward to Ms Kim's next work already.

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