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I have never tried white water rafting but after having read The River at Night I have more or less understand much about this recreational outdoor activity and not to mention how challenging (and yes, dangerous) they can be especially for a novice, such as for our four protagonists in this book.

Winifred Allen's life has always been simple and quiet but she still feel crushed by the death of her younger brother and the end of a fifteen-year marriage. Her work as a graphic designer doesn't seem to be any better and when she began to feel stifled by this thing called life, her three best friends coax her into going for an outdoor adventure as a getaway for their annual girls' trip.

Pia is optimistic and a daredevil among the girls, while Rachel and Sandra are more realistic and level headed. Wini feels most connected with Sandra, partly because Sandra understands her and knows all the right words to say, unlike Pia or Rachel. While they are enthusiastic about the trip, Wini feels otherwise. She isn't sure about hiking and rafting in the remote Allagash wilderness. Pia assured her that an experienced guide would be with them and that they have nothing to worry about.

What seems like an exciting excursion suddenly becomes a nightmare after a freak accident leaves the women stranded in the wilderness without their raft and their surviving kits. As they stumble and wander deeper into the woods, they will soon find out that they are not alone. Saviours or not, the women know that they must get out of the wilderness before death gets to them.

The River at Night has all the elements I want in a thriller - actions, intensity, fear factors and not to mention a setting in the remote Maine wilderness. The author skilfully captures the voices of the four protagonists, although Wini remains the narrator throughout the story. But what really drew me in was the setting and that harrowing rafting journey; and then of course, that terrifying turn towards the conclusion (it was something out of my expectations, but didn't lessen the thrill nonetheless). I don't remember reading such a book with that kind of adrenaline rush and had me on edge from the beginning till the end. It is definitely a book not to be missed if you are a thriller reader who wants some adventures to go along with the thrill. 

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  1. I used to go rafting every summer with my uncles and aunts and mom and brother down the American River. There were a few small-ish rapids we went over that barely qualify us as having been white water rafting, but it sure was fun. :-)

    I don't read too many books like this one--with an excursion into the wilderness, but it sounds exciting and thrilling. I hadn't heard of this one before, but will definitely add it to my wish list.

  2. Melody Says:

    Wendy - That sounds like so much fun, Wendy! I think I'd want to try out rafting if given an opportunity, but of course one with a smaller rapid, lol.

    I enjoyed reading this book, and I hope you do too if you get to it. :)

  3. Kay Says:

    This book was pretty intense, wasn't it? I'm not a fan of this type of outdoor activity for myself, but I know that many are. I think this would make a good movie.

  4. Melody Says:

    Kay - Yes, it was, Kay. I'm not a fan of this kind of activity too, but I'd like to try it out at least once, even if the rapid is a small one, lol. I hope there'll be a movie version; I'll be very curious how it'll portray the whole story.

  5. jenclair Says:

    I have friends that have done some of the milder rivers,and it sounds like fun. The real white water rivers with more rapids than smooth sailing sound thrilling, but frightening! A new author, to check out. :) Got your letter!

  6. Lark Says:

    I love books like this! That whole survival thing...I don't want to have to actually go through anything like that, but I love thinking about it and wondering what I would do and if I could survive in a similar situation. Luckily, my river trips on the Colorado River and in Bali have all been pleasant and fun. :)

  7. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - This book was on my wishlist and I was so glad I found it at the library. Glad my letter arrived. :)

  8. Melody Says:

    Lark - Yes, I love books like this too. I rarely come across books that combines adventures with thriller so it's a treat to me. :)

    Your trips to Colorado River and Bali sounds like fun!

  9. Iliana Says:

    I'm sitting here shaking my head because when I go on girl's trips with my friends we are more into shopping and wine tasting! haha... I've heard quite a bit about this one and sounds like a great thriller!

  10. Melody Says:

    Iliana - I don't think my girlfriends would want to go to such excursions, too. LOL.

    Anyways, this was both a 'fun' and intense read. Hope you'll enjoy it if you do read it, Iliana.

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