Montlake | 8 March 2022 | 383 pgs
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I may have only read three books (4 including this) by Loreth Anne White thus far, but I find her writing and her storytelling are excellent and this is no exception. 

The story begins when a female jogger is found dead beneath the cliffs of an idyllic coastal community where many of the wealthy families live. Lily Bradley is one of them. She's a respected psychotherapist and is married to a distinguished professor. In everyone's eyes, they're a perfect family with two lovely children, Phoebe and Matthew. Lily thinks she has everything in order, until the day she found her husband, Tom, behaving suspiciously and thereafter with the police arriving, stating that he's a person of interest relating to the female jogger's case, never mind that he'd found her first and tried to resuscitate her. 

After the initial investigation, it turns out that the dead female jogger is Arwen Harper, who moved into their neighbourhood together with her 16-year-old son, Joe, not too long ago. The neighbours have a deep impression on this pair of mother and son, especially Arwen who worked in the bar and many men (usually patrons) are acquainted with her. Tom and a few of the husbands frequent that bar regularly, and the wives don't often have a good impression on Arwen and think she's too friendly towards their men. 

Detective Rue Duval is assigned to the case and being a person of colour and one who works in a male dominated field, she's adamant to prove herself capable in solving the case. As much as Rue is capable of digging information, she's also an expert in keeping secrets, and she has a few of her own. 

The story was told by multiple narratives between the present and the past and one would think it'll be confusing but this is where the author's writing skill shines. The chapters are not hard to follow and in fact read very quickly. I was sucked into this multilayered psychological thriller/police procedural from the beginning till the end. The characterisations are great and almost everyone of them read like a case study. Alongside the suspense, the story also portrays the human nature and what one would do in order to save himself and to survive. Recommended. 
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  1. Lark Says:

    I do like Loreth Anne White's suspense novels. I'm glad to know this one is another really good one. :D

  2. Greg Says:

    I like books like this that can really capture that procedural feel. Sounds good.

  3. Melody Says:

    Lark - She's now become one of my favourite authors. I know I can count on her books for a good suspense read. :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Greg - It was a great read. Then again, I've not come across a bad book when this author's works is concerned. :)

  5. Harvee Says:

    I like the title. I'll look for it!

  6. Melody Says:

    Harvee - I hope you'll enjoy this book when you get to it, Harvee.

  7. Iliana Says:

    I'm definitely intrigued! I've not read anything by this author but how wonderful that you've enjoyed all of her books so far! I like the premise so this one will go on my TBR for sure!

  8. I haven't read her books before, though I own a few on Kindle. Sounds like I need to get started!

  9. This sounds like a well written thriller! I haven't read anything by this author before. I will have to give her work a try.

  10. Melody Says:

    Iliana - I love this author's books! They're auto-reads to me. :)

  11. Melody Says:

    Diana - You've to try reading her books one day; and I'll be curious of what you'll think of them. ;)

  12. Melody Says:

    Wendy - I hope you'll enjoy her books when you get to them, Wendy. :)

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