I stumbled upon this book by chance when I visited Borders one day. I have come across Lincoln Child's books and he co-writes with Douglas Preston; their bestselling lists include Relic , Still Life with Crows etc. I have read some of their books and they didn’t disappoint, not to mention I’m also a thrillers fan.

Eden is a computerized matchmaking corporation, and they receive lots of clients who promise them they would find them a perfect soul mate, with a not-so-small fee of $25,000 but with lifetime money back guarantee. They would go through strict psychological and physical tests before their soul mates are assigned to them, and all the couples brought together are very happy with their new life.

Then, one of the super couples committed double suicide, and Dr. Christopher Lash, a psychologist who specializes in marital relationships, is called in to find out what has gone wrong. Later, a second super couple committed suicide; and Lash has to work with their security technician Tara Stapleton to find out some of the individuals who were rejected by Eden, and to an extent when he becomes one of their applicants so that he would have a first hand account of what the others have gone through and so forth. He then discovers there is something more behind Eden, and his involvement in the investigation becomes a dangerous act even for himself.

There are plenty of intense and thrilling scenes in this book, making it an entertaining read. I would recommend this to anyone, anytime.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, this one sounds really good. I'll have to put it on my list.

  2. Melody Says:

    Great! I'm looking forward to reading your review then!

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