Deidre Knight is a literary agent to many writers before she decides to pen her first novel; thus this book is borne!

In Parallel Attraction, alien king Jared Bennett and human geologist Kelsey Wells first met as teenagers in Yellowstone Park. He claims he is from very far away, and she mistook him a Russian, but actually he is king of a race of people known as Refarians. He is able to shapeshift in numerous forms, primarily a ball of energy and also as a handsome, dark-skinned human. But when his people take him back to their universe, he vows he will find her one day, before their memories of their meeting are erased.

Years later, Kelsey returns to Yellowstone as a geologist. She finds something familiar in Yellowstone but couldn’t pinpoint what, until she meets Jared again. This time, Jared is wounded and he is holding vital information that can cause chaos to his universe and his people as well should it lies in the hands of their enemy. He has no choice but to turn to Kelsey for help.

Her agreement sparks a chemistry between them again, as they encountered a series of events from the future and back into the present time.

From the look of the cover, I thought this is another paranormal story but it is more like a science fiction story to me, with romance packed into it. Deidre has a unique voice in this story, and not to mention I find her plots refreshing too. I shall be looking forward to her second installment Parallel Heat.
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