I am sure many of you must have known the storyline and what happened in The Twilight Saga, thus I am not going to brief on the premise and instead share with you what I thought of the movie when we watched it a few days ago. Due to the school holidays, the cinema was quite packed but still Breaking Dawn: Part 1 would attract its fans everywhere no matter whatever the circumstances are.

Unlike the previous installments, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 covered more on the emotional than the action part as we see Bella and Edward got married and had their honeymoon at a beautiful exotic place in Brazil. There are many romantic scenes of the newlyweds being together and how Bella reacted in her new role as Edward's wife (and by the way, I loved her wedding dress!). In fact, I felt the first part of the movie was moving on quite slowly because it focus too much on the above.

The action (and drama) finally began in the second part where we see Bella having difficulty in her pregnancy stage and that her appearance and her overall health deteriorate. Bella looked frightening in her pregnancy stage as she always looked pale and haggard. Her body frame reminds me of those who are anorexic except that her protruding belly tells otherwise. And as for the birth scene, it wasn't horrendous as I had anticipated, but then considering that this movie is PG-13 I figured by showing traces of blood is suffice to tell the whole delivery process.

However, fret not if you think this movie is geared towards the sentimental as there is still a tad small of a fighting scene between the werewolves clan and also between the vampires and the werewolves as well. It is also interesting to see Jacob's struggle as he not only have to see his beloved Bella got married to his nemesis but also to stand by her throughout the overall series. Even if you don't belong to Team Jacob, you couldn't help but to feel sympathy with the poor guy who have sacrificed so much for the sake of seeing Bella's happiness.

So what did I think of this movie? It was pretty romantic (yep, I am still thinking of the place where Bella and Edward went for their honeymoon) and I am sure this installment would satisfy a lot of female audience (the wedding/honeymoon as well as the part where Jacob took off his shirt during the opening scene) but it also left me wonder what would be in store in the last part considering the big premise (the wedding and the delivery of the baby) were already shown in this first part. Of course there is the confrontation scene with the Volturi but other than that I couldn't think of anything major would happen. That said, I still look forward to Part 2 as it is a closure to this Saga.
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  1. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I'm sure at some point my daughter is going to drag me to see this. Actually when it came to the books, while the last one wasn't my favorite, I was thrilled that things picked up. I was so tired of hearing Bella whine, because she is finally getting what she wants. Thanks for giving us a heads up on the movie!

  2. The Bookworm Says:

    I liked it myself. You are so right about Jacob, I'm not a fan of his but I felt bad for him in the film. I liked the honeymoon location and the scenes shot there.
    I was anticipating that birth scene and I think they did pretty well. Bella did look scary during her pregnancy, that had to be computer generated.
    I'm looking forward to the final part.
    Nice post!

  3. I still haven't seen Eclipse so I won't be seeing this one for a while. I've heard very mixed reviews and this book was my least favorite. I can't help to think that the movie was broken in two parts largely for profits, but hopefully they do a good job with the finale.

  4. Staci Says:

    I have only watched the first one of these...sad, huh?

  5. Beth F Says:

    I've been waiting for these to come on HBO so I can watch them at home. I'm curious but hate to spend the money at the theater.

  6. Violet Says:

    I don't really like the Twilight movies a lot but can't help but get excited by all the hype.

    I loved reading Breaking Dawn, it was my fav book in the series so I don't really want the movie to spoil it for me but I would definitely watch the movie sometime, maybe on TV.

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