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5 Dec 2013
6 Dec 2013
7 Dec 2013
8 Dec 2013

Our sixth day on tour (our last day for the Hokkaido trip) - I think many of us had more or less accustomed to the cold weather by then (really?) but nevertheless 5oC was still c-o-l-d. 

We took a cable to Mt Tengu (at Otaru). 

A bird's eye view of Otaru City. Simply breathtaking! 

Next, we visited Kitachi Glass Gallery, which is reputed for its antique lamps and hand-blown glassware. 

Otaru Music Box Museum was our next stop and you could see various beautiful crafted music boxes here. 

Don't these sushi look real?! 

There were also many souvenirs shops along the streets. My husband bought an umbrella which looks like a samurai sword, ha. 

(To be continued...)
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  1. Way too cold for me. LOL I love these photos, Melody. Thank you for sharing.

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