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5 Dec 2013
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It was our second last day of the tour and we were feeling saddened considering that our vacation was going to end soon; plus we had enjoyed other tour members' company after all these days (there was a total of 30 members if I could recall correctly.) 

The view from our hotel room. 

Our first stop was Gyeongbuk Palace. Such a majestic architectural and I knew many Korean dramas were filmed here. 

Enough said about Gyeongbuk Palace. Pictures are solid proof and powerful than words (or maybe I'm just speechless on its beauty!) 

 City of Seoul.

Lotte World was our next destination; this is an indoor and outdoor theme park I Seoul and it was our second visit. We didn't get to explore all of the attractions on our first trip so I was glad we had this opportunity to explore those attractions we had had missed this time round. 

Yep, we sat those and it was so much fun! Had a bird's eye view of the indoor theme park.

A view from the "hot air" balloon.

12 Dec 2013

It was our last day and needless to say, we already missed this wonderful tour and we weren't even out of Seoul yet! 

Our last day of the itinerary included a stop at Korean Huganbao Showroom, where they introduced the fruit of Hovenia Dulcis. Commonly known as the Japanese Raisin Tree, it was the medicinal concoction which is believed to be helpful with detoxification of our livers. We also visited a shop where they sell Korean cosmetics and a local provision shop where they sell various local snacks  and souvenirs as well. We didn't take any pictures on these places as they are commercials. 

Below picture was taken outside an eatery place where we had our lunch. It was snowing and it was the first snow experience we had upon arriving Seoul. It was a pity that we had to depart that same day! 

So this WW post marks the end of our vacation. We had had a wonderful time and looking at these pictures left me with pleasant memories of Seoul and Hokkaido. I hope we'd have the opportunity to visit these places, again. 

Finally, I'd like to thank you for following these posts (places) with me; I hope you'd enjoyed them all! 

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  1. The Bookworm Says:

    It looks like a great trip Melody, and Lotte World looks like fun! The shot of the City of Seoul reminds me of New York a bit.
    Thanks for sharing your vacation photos here.

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