ISBN-13: 9780765374295
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
Publication Date: March 2014
Format: Hardcover, 352 pgs
Source: Publisher

Most of the crime thrillers are written either from the victims' or from the detectives' perspective, but very rare from a reporter's point of view. In this third installment featuring Liam Mulligan for a newspaper in Providence, Rhode Island, readers will follow his journey in reporting (or to be exact, helps unveiling the truth on his own) the gruesome crimes committed by a teenaged boy, who finds bliss and release in his killing spree. He is not like other boys his age, who would find themselves getting excited over pretty girls or even pornography. No, Kwame Diggs harbors more devilish thoughts; from dismembering his sister's Barbie dolls to killing his neighbours. 

Liam Mulligan is initially a sports reporter. A news editor seeks his help to cover a gory double murder and although Liam has no intention of doing so in the first place, he finally agrees to it given the extra pay. 

Liam quickly gathers some information from the police due to his persistence and from some connections. He learnt that the killer must have known and scrutinized his victims before killing them. The same happened to three more victims two years later before Kwame Diggs is put behind bars. 

But the climax didn't just end there, the highlight of the story is Liam, together with a coworker Mason, finds themselves on opposite sides when they are thrown with a moral dilemma. What is a journalist to do between exposing the truth and protecting people? Both of them know that the faking charges to continue keeping Kwame Diggs locked up is wrong, but then is it absolutely right to set free of a dangerous man who might murder again? 

Inspired by the true story of Craig Price (America's youngest serial killer), author Bruce DeSilva cleverly crafted a thriller with a debating issue and journalism as a setting surrounding it. I was quite fascinated by the character of Liam Mulligan although this is the first book I read about him (and this author as well). Liam's persistence and his spirit of pursuing the truth is truly an inspiration. I couldn't comment more on Mason though as I felt Liam's characteristic has more or less over shined his coworker. That said, Mason is still an interesting character, given his position as the heir to the newspaper they work for. 

Kwame Diggs, on the other end, gives me the shivers. I couldn't imagine why a grown man committed those gruesome crimes, let alone a teenager. Providence Rag definitely leaves the readers a lot to think about, aside from the intriguing crime story. 
3 Responses
  1. I love reading books in which reporters or journalists are the main protagonists. It's always interesting to get their perspective--and yet there are times you really have to suspend your disbelief as the reporter often ends up in danger at some point.

    This sounds like quite a thrilling story!

  2. Iliana Says:

    Oh this does sound good. Intense! Neat too that the point of view is a different take from the usual. I may have to recommend this one to my mystery book group!

  3. jenclair Says:

    Even your review gives me the shivers--especially since the book was inspired by a real character.

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