I've to admit it was Park Hae-jin who is what made me drawn to this drama initially. A cool charismatic secret agent with the NIS, he portrays many roles as undercover for each mission he's assigned to. You can say he's unattached to feelings and nothing deters him until he is assigned as a bodyguard to popular action star, Yeo Woon-gwang (starring Park Sung-woong). Filling up the role as a bodyguard is easy-peasy to Kim Sul-woo; after all he has another more challenging mission to fulfill under the disguise of Woon-gwang's bodyguard. As in each assignment, there is bound to be some obstacles and in this case it is Woon-gwang's manager, Cha Do-ha (starring Kim Min-jung) who gets under Sul-woo's skin. 

Sassy and smart, Do-ha is also a diligent and devoted manager and although they are working partners they are more like close friends who keep a look out for each other. When the management decided to engage a bodyguard for Woon-gwang, Do-ha isn't pleased but she tolerates Sul-woo. As the days go, the trio's attitude changes. Woon-gwang began to see Sul-woo like a brother, while Do-ha keeps getting mixed signals from Sul-woo. Despite his hot and cold treatment, Do-ha thinks Sul-woo is attracted to her and this makes her heart flutters. 

In the middle of the trio's connection is the secret mission Sul-woo is engaging and this is where conspiracies and deceptions are child's play in Sul-woo's world but his mission has somehow involved Woon-gwang and Do-ha and it is up to him (or with the other two) to straighten things out before all hells break loose.

Man to Man is a combination of action drama and romance and it was such a pleasure seeing Park Hae-jin portrayed as a charismatic secret agent/bodyguard. Despite his cool demeanour he was actually a tender and considerate gentleman behind his mask, and it was refreshing to see this new side of him when he was with Do-ha after they see each other differently thereafter. I was thinking about that ending after the credits rolled and decided it was appropriate though it wasn't really clear cut. I convinced myself it was a suitable ending considering Sul-woo's profession after all. Yes that must be it.

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  1. jenclair Says:

    OK Another one to add to my list. My husband is really enjoying My Sassy Girl, but I'll wait until he finishes before I start. :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - I'm glad your husband enjoyed My Sassy Girl. I tried watching two episodes but it didn't really capture my attention. I suppose I've to watch more to figure if it's good or not.

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