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There was a phase which I read nothing but romance genre; and Lori Foster is one of my favourite authors among this genre. I remember devouring her books once they were out; and joining her forum so that I could get the book news as well as discussing her books with other readers as well. Those were the days... and even though I hardly participate in any of the reading forums now, reading this book has brought back many memories. 

Onto the book: When Mary Daniels and Brodie Crews first met, their first impression of each other is tainted by stereotypes and prejudice. Mary wants to look for a courier for her next assignment and her employer has sent her to Brodie's address. Her elderly boss is a collector of all sorts and Mary's job is to acquire the items on his behalf. Brodie's job is simple; all he has to do is to chauffeur her around and to ensure that all things run smoothly. And during the trips they've travelled so far together, he finds her reserved and hardly talk about herself, making herself clear that what goes between them is strictly business. This leave Brodie perplexed and curious to find out the real her behind that stiff demeanour. 

Mary, on the other end, thinks Brodie is nothing but a huge distraction. It's not like she hates Brodie; on the contrary she is afraid of getting too close to someone. After all, her past has sort of robbed off her faith in people and also what others thought of her. Although she keeps her emotional distance from Brodie, she couldn't help but to notice of his protectiveness around her wherever they go. Brodie believes both of them have chemistry and that Mary will drop her defense against him given some time and his patience and concern. As they go about their tasks, they soon come across a deal which will threaten their safety and this time round Brodie won't allow Mary to keep her distance from him, physically or emotionally. 

Right, so this is the first book of "Road to Love" series and although this is very much about Brodie's and Mary's story I felt I've known the Crews family already. Lori Foster has a knack of creating fleshed out characters and sizzling romance and in this story I liked the exchanges between Brodie and Mary and how Brodie exude his charm not only through his alpha physique but his gentle protectiveness towards Mary as well. The only drawback is I find some parts to be dragging but other than this it was overall an enjoyable read. The next book of this series, Slow Ride, is Brodie's brother's story and given the brief introduction of him in this book, I'm already curious of him as he is so much different from Brodie. 

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  1. jenclair Says:

    Sounds like you are hooked on this series. Sometimes retreating to a genre we once loved is so comforting!

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - I liked this book well enough to continue with the series. I hope the next book will be a better one with not much dragging. :)

  3. Iliana Says:

    I went through a huge romance phase long ago but never read any Lori Foster. I still enjoy romances every once in a while but one of the things I definitely need is characters that seem real. This sounds like it has that!

  4. Melody Says:

    Iliana - Romance is my comfort reads; and it still does now. Characters that seem real is one of the important parts of a romance story; in fact to all genres, I suppose. They are the soul of the story and without them the story won't be interesting, right? :)

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