Harper Voyager | May 2020 | 416 pgs
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This is the last book of Jessie Mihalik's Consortium Rebellion trilogy and well, I was sad to see it end (but what a fun trilogy it was!)

Catarina von Hasenberg is the youngest member of her High House and is often being underestimated by her family though her bubbly personality mask a clever mind and a fierce determination. In the previous book (Aurora Blazing), the von Hasenbergs are still reeling over the treachery and the capture of the oldest son and heir so Catarina figures she'd be the best person to go undercover at a rival House's summer retreat so as to gather information and find out whoever is behind her brother's capture. 

However, Catarina's wish of working solo is dashed when her overprotective older sister, Bianca, assigns Alexander Sterling as her bodyguard (or lovers in public to steer away unnecessary attention). Bianca and her acquaintance with Alexander was explained in the last book, so it's understandable to see why Alexander is so adamant about following her request. And since Catarina possesses a strong individualism, it was interesting to see their differences gradually led to a solid alliance and then attractions when they finally acknowledge the unspoken sparks between them. 

I enjoyed this finale slightly more than Aurora Blazing, partly because it has more actions and there are stakes that are running high. Catarina was a strong character that easily captures a reader's attention through her warm and feisty personality, but she has secrets which she'd kept since young -- an experimental project done on her by her father to mold her into a super soldier. While she gave others a false impression that the experiment failed, the contempt she'd carried continues till her adulthood, though her other siblings feel the same towards their father, too. 

While I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi, this combination of interplanetary adventures and romance was a joy to read. Recommend to read from book 1, Polaris Rising, as there are some events and threads which are interwoven into the books' plotlines.

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  1. jenclair Says:

    I do love sci-fi, especially space opera, and this is listed at a space opera. I would want to begin with Polaris Rising and have the next two to look forward to reading. But when? I have several books to get through first.

  2. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - Hope you'll enjoy the books when you get to them, Jenclair.

  3. Lark Says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much. I still need to read it...but then the series will be all over, and that thought makes me a little sad.

  4. Melody Says:

    Lark - I read from the author's website that she'll have a new space opera series but it'll be probably released in 2022. Hopefully it'll be moved earlier. (

  5. Iliana Says:

    Isn't it great when a series is wrapped up nicely? Glad you enjoyed this series! I was reading an article about sci-fi books the other day and I thought there were so many that did sound good but I hardly ever pick up a sci-fi book. Need to check out the genre more!

  6. Melody Says:

    Iliana - I'm not a sci-fi fan but this series intrigued me and plus, it has a romance element. :)

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