OMG, Secret Smile is great! (I have reached to the part whereby the heroine, Miranda began to ask herself if she was going insane or even obsessed with Brendan!!!) I haven't finished reading this book yet, still I can't stop myself from raving it to Julia and hubby. Julia seems interested though a little skeptical (LOL!), while hubby's reaction was like, "What's the big deal about the storyline?!" He didn't know how much he had missed; anyway he isn't a booklover like me, so I gather it's useless to discuss any books with him unless they are books on photography or IT stuff. Oh well...

Anyway, here is a list of books which I'm going to buy next (sequence not in order):
1) Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts (1st book of the trilogy)
2) Murphy's Law by Lori Foster
3) Drop Dead Gorgeous by Linda Howard
4) Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught
5) Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann
6) The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe

That's all for now. :-P
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  1. Julia Says:

    Of course am skeptical! Am alway skeptical on authors or books I never heard of before LOL!

    COOL! You going to read Nora Roberts book! You haven't brought "Every Breath You Take" yet??!! Where you been? (grin)....and you do know you can't start reading "Breaking Points" until you done with the 3rd installment of that series..LOL

    Great lists of books choice to buy :)


  2. Melody Says:

    But Julia, I thought our choice of books are somewhat similiar. LOL!

    Yes, I'll be getting the NR book; I'm still waiting for the bookstore to call me!

    I know EBYT was already out in HC long time ago, but I'm waiting for the PB to release, and finally it'll be out on the shelves soon!

    Oh Ok, I get the hint now. I'm supposed to read Wildcard's story before I'm jumping the queue, again. LOL!


  3. Julia Says:

    LOL - You just crack me up!

    Okay yes - we do have somewhat of similiar taste choice of books, but remember I said ALMOST ...LOL

    Well great ball of fire, am glad you going to read NR new trilogy!When they do call you, don't walk...just run. And don't skip...please run LOL

    Thank goodness you got the hint, am beginning to think you're trying to ignore me...umph! Not nice tsk tsk..hehehe. But yeah go jump on Wildcard (hehehe) he is worthy going to LOVE him....but not as much as I love SAM!


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