I started reading this book on my way to work this morning and gosh, what a great page-turner! A psychological suspense, the story begins with the heroine, Miranda Cotton wishing she had never met Brendan Block, whom they had went out eight times. She dumped him when she caught him reading her diary, uninvited, when she came home from work. Then things began to worsen when her sister, Kerry phoned her in ecstasy, telling her she had found someone she loved, and his name was Brendan. The next thing she knew, her family members were so taken in by his charms that they wouldn’t believe what she told them about him and their previous relationships.

Great hook, great plot, and I’m already dying to find out what would Brendan do to Miranda, or to anyone in the end! Grab a copy if you want to know the outcome, for I’m not going to type my reviews here! LOL! :-P
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  1. Julia Says:

    Awww - you're suppose to write up your reviews for me LOL !

    This look interesting. I came across it the other and almost got copy...darn it! :)


  2. Melody Says:

    Julia, I'm sorry...but no, I won't be writing my review here. Will be unfair to readers if they do want to read it. I'm afraid you'll have to pick up this book and read it!!!! LOL. Then, we can exchange views, just like the way we did for Black Ice. Ahh...those days!!!


  3. Julia Says:

    Awwwwww...okie dokie. I understand (grin). Yep...wasn't Black Ice SOMETHING. I wish more people pick up this book and read it. I highly recommend to anyone who like dark heroes....


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