Occasionally I would like to read just a classic romance story, so I have chosen Prince of the Desert by Penny Jordon amongst my TBR pile. Published under Harlequins Mills & Boons Australia (or Harlequins Presents in America), as far as I know, M&B has been around since I was in High School. Heck, it might even go earlier than that, I’m not sure; but that shows M&B is expanding and still growing on strong.

In Prince of the Desert, Gwynneth the heroine has never given her sexuality any thoughts and has vowed never to give in to passion, but one night in the kingdom of Zuran has changed everything. She met a stranger from the desert and they were attracted to each other. She thought she could leave the thoughts of the man and the night behind, but she never expected the man she dealt with was Sheikh Tariq bin Salud, who was determined to claim her despite anything.

Harlequins stories can be equally sizzling as compared with other romance novels and this is no exceptional. This is the right book for you if you don’t want to feel tied up with a thick book and engaged with various secondary characters to a story. Simply a romance story that entertains; not to mention a beautiful cover set in an exotic location.
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