I have read this book since last year, and I want to thank my best friend, Jennifer, for helping to buy this book for me! I have had a hard time searching this book! I couldn't even find it in any of the used bookstores, so Jennifer offered to look out for me, and I was thrilled that she managed to get it, along with Into the Fire and a few others. Thank you so much, Jennifer! :-)

Night Fall is very different from the other romance suspence novels which I have read. I was hooked by the story from the very beginning.

Cassidy, the heroine receives a call from her father, Sean who claims is ill. Hearing this, she rushes back home, only to find the situation isn't what she has expected. Sean is a tabloid-like writer, and he enjoys searching for the most gossip infested stories. He stumbles upon Richard Tierna's story and will do anything to accomplish his next writing 'goal', including taking in the suspected murderer into his own home and entice his daughter back home and take her like a bait to tempt Richard! Cassidy is aware of his suspicion of murder, but she isn't sure of the rumors that claims he has murdered his wife and children, but yet she is unable to explain her attraction to him. Perhaps his mysterious aura intrigues her, for she later agrees to edit Sean's novel and is caught in an untangled web that Richard weaves.

Night Fall is intense, a dark romance story filled with intrigue and suspense. This is a must read for all romance suspense readers who like something different from the same genre.
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4 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is one of my favorite! (wicked grin)Including..
    (pause and than said in small voice) Black Ice ...LOL

    I love Anne Stuart!I was hooked by her from friend recommendation. And Black Ice was my first book read. Since than I been reading all Stuart's books back!

  2. Melody Says:

    I know, I know, Julia! LOL. I was glad that I got you to read Night Fall this time, hehehe...In return that you got me to read Black Ice before this.

    I can't wait for her next release Cold As Ice to be released in Nov! ;-)


  3. Julia Says:

    I guess we did each other favor by recommending each other books LOL

    I too, can not wait until Cold as Ice to come out - YAY!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I would do ANYTHING to feed your reading addiction, lol!!! Anytime you need a book, you can't find, I will track it down!!

    I am slowly getting into reading . . . . you've rubbed off on me - in a good way :)!!!

    BIG HUGS BF!!!

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