Well, I just can't get enough of Nicci French's books! The other day, I managed to get The Memory Game, The Safe House and Land of the Living at a used bookstore. I was so thrilled! Besides these, I also managed to get Every Breath You Take by Judith Mcnaught, Hit Hard by Amy Fetzer and Faithless by Karin Slaughter. Julia recommended the latter to me, before which it was recommended to her from a friend (although she hasn't read it yet). Go figure! LOL.

In Land of the Living, the story starts with the heroine, Abbie Devereaux wakes in the dark and find herself hooded and bound. She has no idea how she was being kidnapped; while all the time she struggles with the truth and tells herself to live on...

Finally she escapes her captor; but back to the outside world, she finds herself lost for she doesn't remember anything before she disappears - days when she quit her job and then there is her boyfriend, Terry... She stays in the hospital where they put her under some tests, while the police continues to keep watch of her... As the days go on, all of them begin to wonder if they should hold on to her words. But what Abbie fears most is the captor may come for her, again...and this time no one will be able to help her, and she will wake in the dark, hooded and bound...
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  1. Julia Says:

    Melody - you can't blame me for not reading Karin's books yet was recently recommend to wasn't long ago (grin)

    And groaning...about your raving LOL...kidding sweetie!


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