Don't get me wrong. A Confusing Story isn't confusing at all. That is actually the book title. Gotcha! LOL.

Yazi and Yuanzi lost their parents when they were young. They inherited the apartment from their parents and life is simple. Yazi is a university student who will be graduating soon, while her elder brother get married and leads his own life. Their relationship distanced.

One day, Yazi received a call from her sister-in-law, telling her that Yuanzi is admitted in a hospital, his life is in danger and need an organ transplant. Feeling desperate and penniless, she confides in her good friend, Zhongyun. Zhongyun tells her there is a way of solving her financial issue, and that is to sell away one of a woman most important assets: her eggs. Yazi begins to understand how Zhongyun acquires a car and leading a good life. Yazi is in a dilemma, for she feels this is wrong but she is at her wits' end. Finally she has no choice but to give in to this bizarre solution.

She meets up with Jiashi, a wealthy woman who is willing to buy her eggs and sponsors her every living needs, but on a condition that Yazi isn't allowed to be near the baby once the delivery. Yazi is skeptical but in the end, she signed the contract under the moral and mental support by the doctor and the lawyer, moreover she needs the money urgently to save Yuanzi. Yuanzi is saved, finally; then one day Yazi receives a call from the doctor and the lawyer, informing her that she has to abort the baby because Jiashi and her husband falls out.

Yazi by then begins to develop a special feeling towards the baby, who is already in her third trimester. She tells them she will bring up the baby despite anything. Jiashi then vanishes out of her world. Yazi moves in a simple apartment, and is intrigued by her new neighbour who happens to be Jiashi's ex-husband, Yuzhang. He has finally tracked her down, after all the commotion and the lie Jiashi has told him. Yuzhang tells Yazi his relationship with Jiashi was on the rocks, and that Jiashi will do anything to reclaim the lost love - therefore drawing an agreement with Yazi and hoping the baby will bring back his love, since she can't have any children.

Yazi tells Yuzhang she wouldn't give the baby to him, but Yuzhang tells her he will be patient. His family urge them for marriage, but Yazi isn't sure of her feelings towards Yuzhang. Yazi then gives birth not only a boy but twins! They were exhilarated, until Jiashi re-emerges into their lives again, telling them one of the twins doesn't belong to Yuzhang! To make things worse, Jiashi manage to brainwash Yuzhang's parents of seeking custody to the twins. Yuzhang makes an arrangment for Yazi and the twins to escape to the US, since he has the citizenship and an apartment there. The three of them flees, with the companionship of Zhengming, whom Yazi treats him as only a friend.

Yuzhang manage to contact Yazi when the commotion dies down, and realizes she has befriended a young attractive British-Chinese woman called Guining and finally accepts their special relationship. On the way home, Yuzhang's elder sister tells him, "This is one confusing story."

And there, this story ends with her remark.
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