I have just finished reading Secret Smile. Only one word could describe this book: awesome!!! I was hooked with the story right from the beginning. I was totally blown away with the ending, what a shocker! Actually this was the second book I read by Nicci French; the first book was Killing Me Softly, which later made it to the movie screen. I didn't get the chance to watch the movie, but all I know the book was another page-turner.

Nicci French, is actually a pseudonym by two co-writers, Nicci Gerrard and Sean French. They were married and began their first co-writing in 1995, with their first book The Memory Game, which became a huge success. I intend to read their other books once I have the chance to find them all.
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  1. Julia Says:

    This rave sure does get out of hand LOL ! But I promise I will read Secret Smile, once I get copy (wink)


  2. Melody Says:

    Julia, I hope you will get a copy of this! It's a great read. :-)


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