I have never read anything by David Morrell, but this book definitely makes me want to read his other books.

What should I say? As the title suggests, Creepers is creepy. From the moment I started reading the first chapter, it has got me hooked and never let go until the very last chapter.

On a cold October night, five people gather in a rundown Paragon Hotel on the Jersey shore. They are the ‘Creepers’, another term for ‘Urban Explorers’. One of them, Frank Balenger is a reporter who isn’t looking for just a story, and their chilling adventure begins. The Paragon Hotel was built in the glory days of Asbury Park in 1901 with a magnificent structure, by an eccentric and hemophiliac Morgan Carlisle, but is now boarded up and prepared for demolition. Although this activity is technically classified illegal, but it doesn’t stop them from doing so, as they pride themselves on never stealing or destroying anything they find at the sites. The team is led by Professor Robert Conklin, who has done a research on it and has a special agenda on his mind.

While they enter the rat-infested tunnel leading to the hotel, they encounter strange cats with three hind legs and a few corpses. What is more terrifying is that some rooms seem to have their own stories to tell; and they are most eager to find out more. Then, things start to go badly in a life-threatening ways and they realize a little too lately that they aren’t the only ones creeping in this spooky hotel.

All I can say this is a top notch thriller that leaves you no excuse to stop reading it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone; just make sure don’t read it at night, for I can assure you sleep will be the last thing on your mind once you pick up this book!
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4 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    Sound like this was pages turner for you - glad to see you like it. Not sure if I'm going to pick it up...but...we shall see ;) :)

    Nice job on review :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Thanks Julia! I hope you will pick up this book, it's worth it!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    This book is awesome!! I'm wondering whether David Morells other books are as good as creepers...Did you read another novel written by him? Could you recommend one? Or can you recommend a similar book by another author?
    Thanks so much in advance :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Cherry On Top - I agree! I've not read the other books by David Morells but I can definitely recommend Mo Hayder if you are into crime thrillers. She's one of my must-read author! I hope you will give her books a try. :)