Well, what shall I say about this book? The title gives me the impression that this story is all about fashion, or even a chick-lit story, but it isn't. I bought this book because of the author. Ever since I stumbled upon her books some years ago, I was hooked by her stories. But recently it seems like her stories no longer hook me anymore. I notice there is a slight changes of her writing style, and although the idea is refreshing, but in my opinion, they aren't as good as her previous works. You can imagine how disappointed I am.

Lan Li is an office girl who takes great pride in her dressing and fashion. She loves wearing Chanel apparel, have a devoted boyfriend who will say yes to all her needs. One night she encounters a robbery who intends to rob her, despite her feminity there is another side of her that nobody knows. Her neighbour, Ma JunKe fell in love with her at first sight, after seeing her bravery acts towards the robber but Lan Li despise him because she feels they are worlds apart. Ma JunKe is a chef and his dishes are well loved by the public. He has set up many branches thanks to his hard work and determination. He is also a loud person who loves to help people. One night, Lan Li's father committed suicide and she is shocked to find that her father's business doesn't go well as they thought. Then, her boyfriend starts to treat her coldly so she breaks up with him before he does.

Ma JunKe consoles her, and tells her bluntly that he wants to woo her. She tells him it isn't possible, but despite this, she begins to think of him differently as time goes along as they see each other more often as a friend.

The plot isn't complicated, and you don't have to guess the ending. Suitable if you just want a light easy read.
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3 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    So how do you grade this? Was it good book? Fair?


  2. Melody Says:

    All right, though it's not excellent but I shall rate it as 'Good'; there are some funny moments in this story when the hero is trying so hard to impress the heroine.


  3. Julia Says:

    Okay - Thank for your input :) But since this is Chinese novel, and I don't know how to read Chinese words...this mean I won't even check this book out. Sorry ;)

    But I hope you get back to Cindy's "To The Limit" :)