Ladies' Man has actually published several years ago, but at that time it was distributed as a bonus gift for a subscription service; on top of that, since it was a "hard-to-find" book then, the bidding price of this book went as high as about US$1k in ebay. I was relieved that this book was reissued, otherwise I'd have missed an 'expensive' read. :-P

Ellen Layne is a Professor at Yale, and she is 'instructed' by her TV host Uncle Bob Osborne to fetch her great Aunt Alma at the airport in New York. During the wait, she meets a handsome stranger, Sam Schaeffer in a bookstore. She frantically grabs a book when he catches her staring at him, so he asks if she has read T.S. Harrison's books which she is holding then, and this leads to a conversation. He asks for her number before departing, but she tells him no, although she is a little attracted by him, after all he is ten years younger than her and she had two teenage children. Later both of them realize they were waiting for the same person - as Sam promises his buddy author friend T.S. Harrison that he would meet Alma, in return Bob allows TS to do his biography since T.S. is Alma's favourite author. Later while Ellen gives Sam a ride in the limo, he explains that T.S. is actually his good friend and he is helping him since he couldn't make it; then one thing leads to another, and at the end of the day both of them can't seem to forget each other!

T.S. later explains to Bob what happened at the airport and is glad he still wants him to do his biography. When Ellen first receives threat letters and obscene calls, T.S. turns to Sam (since she is staying with Uncle Bob temporarily). Sam believes the threat is meant for Ellen, who has filmed in a commercial and just aired on TV. Later he knows of her two children, but despite this he is still very much attracted to her.

Towards the end of the story, the tension heightens as they face the bad guy and their relationship spurs towards a new direction.

Though the plot is not new, still I enjoyed this book because after all, it's a romance suspense.

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3 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    Ohhhh sound exciting! Can't wait to finish this book!

  2. Melody Says:

    HURRY UP, Julia! LOL. I'm waiting to hear your views!!!


  3. Julia Says:

    Ouch! Did you just push me? Push me further and it'll be your butt get kick that you will be viewing Bawhahaha!

    I'm just teasing and kidding with you girl ;) I will do the best I can to try to finish it up...I promise :)