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    I was tagged by Alice for this meme.

    #1 - I have very few hardcovers in my pile (mainly because they are pricey and too heavy to carry around), and whenever I read them I always make sure to remove the jacket covers as I am too afraid of wrinkling them.

    #2 - I was a librarian by chance during my secondary school days. At that time, all students had to join a uniform group or a club as part of their extracurricular activities and I was a St. John Ambulance member initially. Later it then dawned on me that those first aids training was too much for me so I joined the school library since coincidentally they have an extra room for another librarian (which of course was a bonus for me since I got the privilege of borrowing an extra book!).

    #3 - I try NOT to leave a bookstore empty-handed.

    #4 - I remove the price tags from the books after buying. I get annoyed when the tags are extra sticky and leave marks on the books after peeling them off.

    #5 - I do judge a book by its cover. Here what I mean is, I will buy the same title with a different cover if it attracts me.

    #6 - I received my first ARC from author, Lori Foster when I won a contest at her forum. It is also an unedited copy.

    #7 - I only started my book collection during my secondary school days, although I started reading when I was in primary school and was hooked by Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton's books. I was a frequent patron of the school and public libraries then. When my classmate introduced me to the Sweet Dream young adult romances and Dark Forces horror series (printed in the 80s and 90s and written by several individual authors; they are currently out-of-print), I could not get enough of them so that is when I started buying them at the bookstores and used bookstores. Unfortunately I gave them away during the move and now I really regret it. It was also at that time that I began to explore other genres and the book piles just accumulate from there.

    I tag the following friends:

    ...and anyone who is keen to play! And please leave me a comment so I can read your answers. :-)
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    15 Responses
    1. Care Says:

      whoa! Is it Wednesday already where you are? so weird... I'll consider myself tagged and do this soon. Thank you! (do try to use lebstromonous in a sentence today... heehee)

    2. Anonymous Says:

      This is a fun meme! I'll get right on to it and post my answers tomorrow.

      #1 I have few hardcovers as well---they are too heavy to carry around and take up too much space on the shelves.

      #3 I almost never leave any bookstore empty-handed.

      #4 Attesting price tags (stickers) is a crime that should be banned. LOL

    3. Iliana Says:

      Thanks for the tag Melody - I'll definitely do this one. And, I'm with you, I hate those sticky price tags. Don't booksellers know those are annoying to bookworms? It seems like that would be a no-brainer.

    4. Shana Says:

      I'm with ya on #4 & #5.

      I think I've been tagged by two other people for this one but I've never gotten around to playing - I need to remember who and I'll try to post it this week for all three of you!!!


    5. Anonymous Says:

      I am totally with you on hardcovers. Also, they are very expensive. I started collecting books when I started earning. Otherwise there were next to none books in my house.

    6. Alice Says:

      Lucky you get to be a librarian in school, Melody. I, however, was not so lucky. :(

      Funny that my hardcover books were mainly acquired secondhand. Most of them I bought from If I were to buy new, I will buy paperbacks.

      I was hooked by Enid Blyton too and the rest's history... :D

    7. Ok my dear, you are the third person to tag me for this meme so I'll do it tonight or tomorrow. :P I've already done 2 random things about me memes so I'm running out of original things!!

      I LOVE that you try not to leave a bookstore empty handed. It is near impossible to for me to leave empty handed so I've stopped's too painful for me to look and not touch and my wallet couldn't support all of my wantings. :(

      I used to collect hardcovers but now find them overrated--too difficult to read!

      Where are you from originally--if you don't mind my asking!

    8. Julia Says:

      While most of the majority of my books are in paperback format, I do buy my *favorite only* auto buy authors in hardcovers. And sometime I would buy my *favorite only* authors in both paperback and hardcover. Depending of course.

      You know, it does get lot of tricky to not walk out without buying books at the bookstores. I always leave the store with books LOL! But now that the holidays is coming, I have to really try to control myself to NOT buy books until the holidays are over. *sigh* it so hard! LOL

      Love your answers to this meme. It was lot of fun getting to know book fact about you :)

    9. Melody Says:

      Care, Matt, Shana - Oh great! I look forward to reading your answers! Thanks for playing! :)

      Iliana - I do not wish to mention those bookstores with sticky price tags, but I do want to say that Borders is one of the best because their price tags remove so easily! :P

      Violet - I only buy HC for my favourite authors, other than that I always try to wait patiently for the paperbacks to release. The waiting is real hard to me! ;)

      Alice - Ah, those used bookstores are wonderful, aren't they? I'll have to check out BetterWorld for this reason! ;P

      Trish - Thanks! :) I don't think I'm able to walk away from any bookstore, the temptation is just too great for me!! I'm from Singapore! :D

      Julia - Oh yes, you mentioned about your "HC buying rule" to me before. ;) Mentioning of holidays, I haven't plan anything yet!!

    10. Ana S. Says:

      I'm totally with you on #1 and #4!

    11. Melody Says:

      Glad we share the same sentiments, Nymeth! :)

    12. Anonymous Says:

      Here is my answer. It's an interesting journey to come up with the seven quirky random facts.

    13. Ladytink_534 Says:

      I'll think about mine today and do this tomorrow k?

    14. Ladytink_534 Says:

      I'll think about mine today and do this tomorrow k?

    15. Melody Says:

      Matt - Thanks for playing! I enjoyed reading your answers. :)

      Jen - No problem. :)

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