ISBN-13: 9781402237188
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Published: April 2010
320 pgs
Source: Sourcebooks

I was glad to be given the opportunity to review Read, Remember, Recommend by Rachelle Rogers Knight because I love reading books about books, and besides that this is a reading journal where I could keep track of my reading.

The journal is divided into six sections: Awards and Notable Lists, To Read, Journal Pages, Recommendations, Loaner Lists and Resources. These tags are helpful and are easy reference as and when needed.

The Awards and Notable Lists Section consists a wonderful list of literary awards titles including the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Awards, The National Book Critics Circle Awards, Man Booker Prize, Heimingway Foundation/PEN Award and many others. Besides the great compilations, another thing I like is the boxes next to these titles where I could mark them as "Own", "Recommend", "To Read" or "Want". It definitely makes a useful reference/guide to me as I go along with my reading.

To Read and Journal Pages Sections allow readers to keep track and record the books they want to/or read, and you can record the titles where you'd like to recommend to others under the Recommendations Section.

Going through Resources Section is a great delight because not only it provides book-related online sites (e.g. Book Awards Sites, Bookclubs Resource Sites, Social Networking Sites for Readers, and even a few bookblogs which I have already added onto my Google Reader, etc etc). The list for Literary Terms also comes in handy if you want to know the definition of characterization or genre, just as an example.

All in all, Read, Remember, Recommend is a wonderful reading journal which I am sure most bibliophiles would love to have.
All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards, it all belongs to you; the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse, the sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. ~ Ernest Hemingway

(An extract from Read, Remember, Recommend)
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  1. Veens Says:

    SO Lovely! I so want this one :)

  2. Joanna Says:

    This is such a lovely journal ! :)

  3. Andreea Says:

    I have seen this on other blogs. Seems like a great journal!

  4. bermudaonion Says:

    I really like this journal too!

  5. Anna Says:

    I think it's great, just wish it had more pages. I posted my review of it today. ;)

    Diary of an Eccentric

  6. Iliana Says:

    I especially like the Resources section too. Really good.

    Glad you enjoyed this one!

  7. Bibliobabe Says:


    Thank you for the great review of my journal!

    I'm so glad you like the literary terms - that is one of my favorite new parts.

    Happy reading!
    Rachelle Knight (Bibliobabe)

  8. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I was like a kid in a candy store flipping through this journal. It is a bibliophile's dream, isn't it?

  9. Melody Says:

    Veens, Joanna, Andreea, Kathy, Anna, Iliana & Sandy - Thank you ladies, for your comments! :) I agree it's a great journal, isn't it?

    Rachelle - Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, Rachelle. I really enjoyed reading your journal, and it's definitely a keeper for me! :)

  10. Care Says:

    I must figure out a way to be given this as a gift. This looks wonderful!

  11. I really like the list of literary terms too!

  12. The Bookworm Says:

    I have this one too, and its really great.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like a great gift...for me!

  14. Alice Says:

    I've read so many good reviews about this book. I don't think I'd be able to resist it if I do come across it in the bookstores. :D

  15. Julia Says:

    This is a lovely journal, Melody. Sound like it wonderful book to read :)

  16. Oh my goodness!! I haven't had this much book lust in months. :) A book all about books?? Going straight to Amazon and putting this on the wishlist.

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