So my next 'Not So Wordless Wednesday (iPhone Edition)' is supposed to be up on the first week of next month, but since some of my random pictures have a Chinese New Year theme to it (and I don't want to wait that long for the post), I decided to ditch that plan for the time being so here you go.

I'm always fascinated by those close-up shots so I tried experiencing it with this pineapple which I bought for the New Year.

I don't think I've ever tried Curry Flavoured chips so I bought this out of curiosity. I think curry lovers will comment that the flavour isn't spicy enough, but overall I think this suits everyone because of the mild curry flavour so for those who doesn't like spicy food would be able to appreciate this as well.

Bouquet of roses in our living room. I can't explain it, but I quite like this one.

Another attempt of a close-up shot.

My two-year-old girl playing with our iPod. She really knew how to click and drag those icons and yes, she too is addicted with Angry Birds (she doesn't really know how to play but she is fascinated by the colourful animations and those funny sound it makes).

Not sure what plant this is. Cactus? (doesn't look like it.) This was taken at my dad's place when I visited him over the CNY holidays.

This shot is taken from the corridor of my dad's house. See that dark clouds from the distance? I was glad it didn't rain that day!

Yes, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.Well I hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures! Until next month, and Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Ana S. Says:

    Aw, your girl is adorable :D HOW can she be two already, though? How they grow.

  2. Ladytink_534 Says:

    Lol! It took me a second to realize that was a pineapple. Love the bunnies!

  3. The Bookworm Says:

    Great photos! Your little one looks like a doll! Shes darling!

  4. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I don't think I've ever seen a picture of your kids. She is ADORABLE! Yay for her and the Angry Birds. Great pictures!

  5. Violet Says:

    yay mini Melody!!! I think this is the first time I've seen one of your girls pic. She is super adorable. Love the rest of the pics too. I like curry flavored chips.

  6. Julia Says:

    The pineapple and the roses are usually one of my favorite things. Love them! The curry flavor potato chips look interesting. I don't like spicy foods, so happy to hear this chips is good :) And your two years old daughter is adorable! How fast did she grow! :) Love your WW iPhone edition. Looking forward to see more next month ;) :)

  7. Ceri Says:

    I absolutely love that picture of a pineapple. I do love the roses too.

    How adorable is your little girl???

    I love this post. I'm really enjoying seeing all the pictures you've taken. :D

  8. Iliana Says:

    Also chiming in to say your little one is just too cute! Thank you for sharing pics Melody. Love the rabbit decorations too.

  9. Melody Says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments! :)

  10. Your daughter is precious!! So precious.

    I've heard good things about babies born in the year of the Rabbit, so I'm excited. ;) I'm year of the Rooster, can't remember what my husband is--Rat?

    Your phone takes GREAT pictures!

  11. Beth F Says:

    Wow -- fabulous photos -- and from your *phone*! Your daughter is just too cute.

  12. Alice Says:

    Great photos, Melody!

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