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I don't think I've ever posted a free verse format in my Teaser Tuesdays post before. No, scratch that, I don't even think I've ever read a book that was written in a free verse format, but there is always a first, isn't it?


I have never been to
Japan alone
never traveled anywhere alone
except sleepovers
and overnight camp
for a week in Vermont

on the plane
flight attendants chat with me
unaccompanied minor
praise my language abilities
assume it's a
happy occasion
my returning
to the village of my mother's childhood
for the summer

but they don't know
what I know, Ruth -
that it's all
because of you (Pg 14, Orchards by Holly Thompson)

I'd heard so many good things about Frank Delaney's Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show that when I was asked by a publicist if I was interested to read the sequel, The Matchmaker of Kenmare, I didn't hesitate. Unfortunately, after two weeks later of reading the book (and having only read one-quarter of it), I've to say I'm giving up this book for good. There is no doubt that Frank Delaney's prose is lyrical and beautiful, but I find the story is progressing slowly and though the plot seems interesting, it didn't manage to capture my attention into reading more.

Narrated by Ben McCarthy (he's the main character from Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show) with a World War II setting, Ben related his tale of his life traveling around Ireland as a collector for the Irish Folklore Commission as he grieves for his wife, Venetia, after she has disappeared ten years earlier. During the journey, he met Kate Begley who is known as the Matchmaker of Kenmare. They became friends quickly, and at some point they are attracted to each other too but Kate ended up with a striking American military intelligence officer named Charles Miller. I think it was from that point onwards that I've began to lose interest in the story; I also mentioned earlier that the pace is slow and it seems the story isn't going anywhere whereas I was expecting something interesting or exciting to happen (perhaps it did, but I had already lost my interest before I get to it).

And on top of this, I have yet to read Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show so I think I might have missed something which may be of related to this book. Nonetheless, I was disappointed with the overall experience because I had wanted to like this book but I didn't. That said, don't let this post deter you from reading this book as I've also read several reviews which are full of praise about this book.
9 Responses
  1. The Bookworm Says:

    Orchards sounds interesting written in this format!
    Sorry to hear Frank Delaney's book was a DNF.

  2. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    Oh crap. You are the second person who has DNF'd that book.

  3. Such a bummer about The Matchmaker. I felt similar feelings about Venetia Kelly being a bit slow but once the story picked up I had a hard time putting the book down. It's hard to say if this would have happened with this one as well as I haven't read it. But good for you for knowing when to put it down. I'm struggling through a review book right now and should just call it quits but I'm only about 50 pages in. :-/

  4. Julia Says:

    The teaser for Orchards, seem good. Hope you enjoy the book :) And I'm sorry to see that The Matchmaker of Kenmare turn out to be DNF book. I would say after a second chance reading, I would given up the book if it still seem like it didn't capture my attention to read more.

  5. Unknown Says:

    Love your teaser for Orchards. I've never read a book in free verse but I'm intrigued. I like hot it's so similar to poetry.

    It's so disappointing when a story you look forward to is slow and lacks excitement, ultimately ending up in the DNF category. But you gave it your best try. Maybe Venetia Kelly is much better?

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I adore your teaser. I am sorry to hear you did not care for The Matchmaker of Kenmare, I absolutely loved it. My TT:

  7. Iliana Says:

    I hate having DNFs! I do think the story sounds good but maybe it was just the wrong time? I may try it but will note that it's more for when you want a cozy, slow read.

  8. Ceri Says:

    Sorry to haer that book was disappointing. It's especially worse when we really want to like it. :S

    But I do love the free verse teaser, Mel. :D You had me hooked just from that little section. :D

  9. Alice Says:

    Sorry the book was disappointing...

    On the other hand, the teaser was interesting!

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