Yesterday my husband and I brought our daughter to watch Gnomeo and Juliet, as this week is a one-week school holidays. We had a wonderful time. I hope to have a review (or rather my thoughts) on the movie up soon. Anyway, what's a movie experience like without a tub of popcorn so we bought one and I found it interesting that they had listed the choice of popcorn we choose and what it says about us. Here goes:

Salty popcorn eaters tend to be down-to-earth, take-charge types who tell it like it is and prefer grim reality to la la land any day. They are inclined to also enjoy potato chips, salted nuts, sandwiches, hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, hamburgers with pickles and other salty things. They make loyal and steadfast companions on whom you can always count for an honest opinion, even when it's not necessarily the one you want to hear. Exponents of character-building tough love rather than wishy-washy-gooey-sticky soft love that does nobody any good, they tend to be excellent disciplinarians, good parents and responsible animal owners. They have strong moral values and even stronger opinions. Popularity holds scant appeal for them while integrity is held in the highest esteem. Their taste in movies leans towards gritty realistic dramas, natural disaster doozies, wartime epics, spy movies, martial arts showcases, action-packed blockbusters and road trip flicks. They tend not to believe in fairytales and take happy endings with a pinch of salt (just like their popcorn).

Sweet popcorn eaters tend to be romantic souls who hanker after happy endings and believe in true love, even when their heart's been broken and patched... and broken again. They tend to also like ice cream, chocolate, cookies, candy and other sweet things. They make good friends who will always try to cheer you up when you're down, and will gloss over the ugly truth to avoid hurting your feelings. If you ask a sweet popcorn-eating friend if your bum looks fat in a certain pair of pants, he/she will say no - the pants are poorly cut... or simply tell a sweet little white lie. Sweet popcorn eaters respond to pretty, bright colours and bright, bouncy pop tunes. They have lots of positive energy and radiate optimism like a little gob of sugar-coated sunshine. Their taste in movies veers towards romcoms, charming animated fables, modern day fairytales, weepies with happy endings, historical dramas, feelgood musicals and anything with an uplifting moral where the bad guys get their asses kicked and the good guys get their just desserts (or sweet popcorn).

So which popcorn eater are you? I'm a salty popcorn eater, but that's because I've always love salty food, ha. As for the types of movies I watch, I've to say I do go for romcoms and fairytales too, aside from those list of salty popcorn eaters. After all, who doesn't love happy endings?
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  1. Iliana Says:

    I never realized sweet popcorn existed until I went to the movies in Germany one time and they asked us which one we wanted! Being that I love sweets I picked the sweet one and really liked it :)

  2. Ceri Says:

    Wow, how cool. :D I'm a sweet popcorn eater but I actually recognised pieces of myself from both descriptions. I'm a gushy and romantic soul but can be pretty gritty, harsh and realistic. ;-)

    I can't wait to see Gnomeo and Juliet too. :D

  3. Violet Says:

    I prefer salty but I tend to identify with the sweet popcorn eaters as well :)

    I like the tomato cheese popcorn the best though which I don't think is available in Singapore, not in theater's atleast :(

  4. The Bookworm Says:

    lol funny. I like sweet popcorn myself.

  5. Alice Says:

    I like sweet popcorn but prefer the movie genres associated with salty popcorn. LOL

  6. Gloria Says:

    I like my popcorn sweet! Mixed is okay occasionally (: oh i think th descriptions are quite neutral! I won't believe it if anyone was totally one or th other :O haha.

    I was so so used t choosing my popcorn sweet or salted in Singapore that when I went t Copenhagen, I got a nasty shock that u cnt choose! Cinemax was th theatre i went to and th combo was so ex even tho its lik smaller than s'pore's reg portion! Popcorn abit soft too and neutral-tasting ): I really missed S'pore popcorn then! HAHAHA.

    Th movie tix were lik 20 SGD even tho it was an 8pm screening and th shopping areas alr closed :/
    But I still loved th movie and popcorn experience!

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