First of all, a very Happy New Year to you! 2020 had been an extraordinary year and I hope that 2021 will bring more happiness, peace and most of all, good health to us all! 

My reading in 2020 took me by surprise as I'd only read 64 books; a far cry from the 113 books I read in 2019. Nevertheless, it was still a great reading year considering I'd enjoyed many books I read and I'd had a hard time coming up with this list. Anyways, here is my Top Ten books of 2020 (click on the titles to link to my reviews):

Girls Like Us by Cristina Alger
Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle 
Home Before Dark by Riley Sager 
Never Turn Back by Christopher Swann 
We Are All the Same in the Dark by Julia Heaberlin 
The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James
My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell 
Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson 
The Drowned Girls by Loreth Anne White 

Honorable Mentions:
Exit by Belinda Bauer 
The Postscript Murders by Elly Griffiths 
Although the above two books wouldn't be released until February and March 2021 respectively, I want to give you a heads-up considering how much I loved these books so do keep a look out for them nearing to their publishing date. My review for Exit would be forthcoming. 
Finally, happy reading and let's hope 2021 will be a better year in all aspects! 

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  1. Yay for books! It does sound like you had a great reading year, Melody, even in spite of everything. My reading was not what I expected it to be this year.

    I am glad to see some of the books on my TBR shelves are on your favorites list. I must read Sun Down Motel this year!

    I hope you have a peace-filled, joyous and healthy New Year!

  2. Melody Says:

    Wendy - I've to say it was more of a quality-reading than a quantity-reading year to me. :) I hope you'll enjoy reading Sun Down Motel when you get to it. Wishing you and your family a very happy and a healthy New Year!

  3. I loved your tops list. In fact, our taste in books seems similar as these (3) made my Top 10 list as well: The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James, My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell and Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

    Happy Reading in 2021

  4. Kay Says:

    Melody, your list here was just to my taste and do you know that I've not read any of them as yet? I own several. Looks like my TBR for 2021 is growing already. Ha! Happy New Year to you and your family. And let's have some stellar reading in 2021 - I bet we do!

  5. Lark Says:

    Great list, Melody! We read some really good books together last year, didn't we? I'm looking forward to reading even more this year. Happy 2021! :D

  6. Marce Says:

    Happy 2021 Melody. It has been a long time, almost 2 years, so I am very excited to see you are still blogging as I added to my TBR list from your reviews. Hope you are well.

    Its Marce from Tea Time with Marce

  7. Melody Says:

    Diane - Glad to hear we've similar taste in books. ;) Here's wishing for another great reading year in 2021!

  8. Melody Says:

    Kay - Happy New Year to you and your family too, Kay! I hope you'll enjoy reading these books from your TBR pile. :)

  9. Melody Says:

    Lark - Yes, we'd read some good books last year and as always, it was a lot of fun! I'm definitely looking forward to our buddy reads this year. :D

  10. Melody Says:

    Marce - Happy New Year, Marce! Long time no "see" and I'm so glad to hear from you! I hope you're blogging again as I miss reading your posts.

  11. Iliana Says:

    Happy New Year, Melody! I haven't read any of these but definitely have some on my wishlist. Very excited that a sequel to The Stranger Diaries is coming out this year. Wish you lots of health & happiness this year!

  12. Melody Says:

    Iliana - Happy New Year to you too, Iliana! I really enjoyed The Postscript Murders and yes, I was equally excited to see DS Harbinder Kaur is making her appearance again after The Stranger Diaries. :)

  13. Susan Says:

    I enjoyed THE SUN-DOWN MOTEL, too. I haven't read HOME BY DARK yet, but I like the books I've read by Sager so far so I'm sure I'll enjoy that one as well.

    Sounds like you had a great reading year, even if you didn't read as many books as you wanted to. I think it's more important to enjoy what you read anyway.

  14. jenclair Says:

    I was glad to see Harbinder Kaur back, but the plot was very different from Stranger Diaries. I liked them both for different reason. :P
    Here's to more good books this year!

  15. Melody Says:

    Susan - I love most of Sager's books so I'm looking forward to his new release. The same goes to Simone St. James. :)

  16. Melody Says:

    Jenclair - The Postscript Murders is definitely different from Stranger Diaries, but I'm glad to see Harbinder Kaur again. :)

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