I found this Harry Potter meme at Rebecca’s and Tasha’s blogs and thought it sounds fun (originally from Tif Talks Books). Plus, I am feeling nostalgic now that the Harry Potter movies instalments are over but I know he and the rest of the characters will stay in our hearts forever.

When and Where (when you first discovered the series): Believe it or not, it was actually the first movie that made me take notice of this series. Till today, I still regret that I didn’t read the books first before watching the movies.

Favorite Character: Hermione Granger. She is intelligent yet humble, and not to mention she is furiously courageous and loyal too!

Most Hated Character: Delores Umbridge and Bellatrix LeStrange. Both women are different characters wise but they are equally annoying and hated.

Favorite Book: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I thought the premise is very, very clever!

Favorite Movie: Can I say I loved all of them?

Rank the Books (1 = favorite, 7 = least favorite): Can you believe that I haven’t read the whole of the instalments yet? As to date, I have only read till Book 4 and I think one reason for this is that I didn’t feel the rush of reading the books after having watched the movies. I know, the books are supposed to be better and more detailed but… oh well. I guess it is a matter of time that I will get to the rest of the books.

Most Memorable Scene: Professor Dumbledore’s death. How could a wise and humble man like him (and not to mention being Harry Potter’s mentor) be dead?

What You Will Miss the Most: The characters, as well as the anticipation of waiting for the new book or movie to release. Oh the excitement!

What You Are Looking Forward To (even despite the end): Pottermore. And I hope J.K. Rowling will write a new series quickly!

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Now that we are on the topic of Harry Potter, I saw a Lego box last night while shopping for a shirt for my daughter for her school play. I wanted to buy it because it has a Harry Potter theme but then I was hesitant because the price said S$129.90. My husband shook his head at me and said, “Well, it’s a Lego. What do you expect?”

Ended up we left the store empty-handed, except for the shirt we bought for my daughter. But the thought of having a Harry Potter Lego never leave my mind, so earlier this morning I visited Lego’s website and found the same model which cost US$49.99 excluding shipping and handling. I will then make a decision whether or not to buy it after getting a response from their customer service regarding the shipping cost outside the US.

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  1. Julia Says:

    Really enjoy your answered to this Harry Potter meme questions :) It has been such a long time since I read HP book #4. I think I might go back to it soon. And OMG, the price of the HP Lego. Glad you found one online that is a little cheaper. Hopefully you decided to buy it :)

  2. Heidenkind Says:

    I had no idea Lego sets cost so much!

    I like that you picked Hermione as your favorite character. She kind of reminded me of myself... :)

  3. Veens Says:

    Hermoine is so cool. Oh well, somehow I knew Dumbledore had to die, but when he did - I cried and cried - the feeling was like losing someone I knew, someone whom I adored and loved. Ah well! My Hubby thinks I am crazy, but I think I loved Dumbledore and Hagrid a lot :)

    Of course, I hate Umbridge with a severity I didn't know I had :)

    I love you, JKR!

  4. Ana S. Says:

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest of the books when you get around to reading them! And I hear you on regretting watching the movies first - that has happened to me with other stories, and it's why I keep telling my bf he can't watch the movies until he reads the series :P

  5. Darlene Says:

    This is a great meme. I really miss HP. I still remember when I read the first book - I had not got on the HP train when everyone else was. I was later on like you, after the first movie. After that first book though, I devoured them and I really wanted to do a reread this year. Maybe I'll fit it in yet.

  6. Melissa Says:

    What a great meme. I've been a fan of Harry for a long time now... and I have to agree: the think I will miss most is having a new book or movie to look forward to. On the other hand, maybe there will be another new, exciting thing to capture all our imaginations?

  7. Melody Says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments. :)

    I'm sure many of us will miss this great series created by the talented J.K. Rowling. Ah Harry Potter... *sigh*.

  8. Ceri Says:

    Ahhh, Harry Potter. :) Don't worry - I think I've only read up to book 4 or 5 (I can't remember :P) and I haven't seen either of the Deathly Hallows films yet. Eek!

  9. The Bookworm Says:

    fun meme :) I agree, Bellatrix LeStrange is awful! lol
    I read the book first then saw the films and when I read Dumbledores death scene, I yelled out I refused to believe it.

  10. Julia Says:

    You know, I sure hope that J.K. Rowling would write a brand new series that will become popular and everyone to love...

  11. Tif Sweeney Says:

    Can you believe how much the Lego sets cost?!? I cannot believe it!

    Thank you so much for participating in my little meme and I apologize for taking so long to get over here to comment! It was so much fun to read your answers and I am so glad to see someone else love the third book! I will be curious to hear if any of your answers change after reading the entire series someday!

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