We went to Universal Studios yesterday. Actually it was the second time we went there and since it was the first time for my youngest sister-in-law and her husband to visit, plus there is a new ride which was opened on 3 December - Transformers: The Ride in 3D Battle, so off we go!

I didn't take many pictures yesterday, since most of the attractions I had already taken during my first visit (click here for Part 1 and 2) but I did take a few pictures while queueing for the Transformers ride. The queue was horrible; we waited for almost 2 hours but well, it was well worth it. We decided to go for another round, which was their last ride coming to 9pm.

Couldn't resist buying this water bottle (and don't even ask about the price!).

We also took a ride at the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon. There are two coasters which you can choose from: Human (red) or Cylon (blue). We didn't get to ride on these roller coasters the first time we visited since it wasn't ready then. And after riding on both coasters yesterday, I have to say the cylon was the most thrilling as it is a suspended coaster that runs through a vertical loop, corkscrew and cobra roll. The human coaster ride is more of a seated coaster that propels riders 14 storeys into the air.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the trip but I was dead tired when I woke up this morning for work. I felt like a zombie . . . but fortunately my superior is on leave this week so at least I am able to breathe . . . a little? Ah!
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  1. Staci Says:

    Looks like fun!

  2. The Bookworm Says:

    I *heart* Universal Studios! They have such cool rides. I really like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride.
    the Transformers looks really fun. Those coasters sound great :)

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