Liam Jameson is a famous horror writer. But one has to pay a price for being famous, and so he lives reclusively on a remote Scottish island, hoping no one will invade his privacy while he also hides the scars that inflicted him years ago.

Rosa Chantry is looking for her younger sister, whom she believes is leading her a wild-goose chase. Before she left, she told Rosa and their mom that she is hoping to cast in a movie which is made by one of Liam's bestsellers. Rosa meets Liam along the way, and she doesn't recognise Liam at first.

Thereafter, he begins to feel something for her, but a previous savaged relationship convinces him he will never satisfy a woman again. But Rosa is persistent, so she will help him to forget the fear and hope for a good ending.

This book is an 'ok' read to me, not much excitement and not much disappointment either.

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