Pete Trayhern is a marine combat engineer Major and is in charge of a construction project in Afghanistan. He is requested to work closely with the construction companies, but he never expects the head of the construction project to be a female civilian by the name of Calandra Roland, not in this unpredictable third world country. He has involved in several military projects and though he thinks Cala is attractive, she is definitely not the person he thinks will be in charge of building a power station in Afghanistan. But he tells himself he will ignore the sparks between them to ensure that the work will go smoothly.

Cala is one courageous lady, and together with her directness she is slowly making him drop his guard. But as they try to ignore their attractions towards each other, danger is slowly creeping upon them. And the most critical thing they have to do is to finish the project and find out who is behind the destruction before they embrace their love for each other that is worth a lifetime.

Beyond The Limit sizzles with actions, excitement and intrigue, and is part of the Morgan's Mercenaries series. Lindsay McKenna is one talented writer who knows how to write great military romances and suspense. I love reading them.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    This sound like interesting book, Melody. I have not read books by Lindsay McKenna yet. But I have heard enough about her to know what type of books she write :)

    Eventually, I will have that chance to read her books, when I get to it :)

  2. Melody Says:

    I hope you will pick up Lindsay's books when you have the chance. Her books reminds me a little like Catherine Mann. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    oh really? I have read Catherine Mann books and I love her work :) I been trying to collect her older backlist and waiting for friend to sent me the rest of the books

    Thanks for letting me know :)

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