I bought these books at one go yesterday! Phew!! I can't help it though. I was hooked after reading Santa, Baby, so I was excited when I found several backlist from Jennifer Crusie (and some of them can be so hard to find).

Most of the times (and unintentionally), I picked up the second or third book of a series; and this time it is Kinley MacGregor's Knight of Darkness, the second book to her Lord of Avalon series which am currently reading. Thus my eyes lit up when I found the first book Sword of Darkness on the shelf, and it was the last copy so of course I have to grab it. Hehe.

Have not tried reading Jeanie London yet, but the cover attracts me (not to mention strong heroines fascinate me). There were a few occasions that I enjoyed reading the books judged by the covers, and hopefully this will be one of them.
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  1. Julia Says:

    Hey Melody!

    Glad you're going to try Jennifer Crusie books. I would have recommend you to read her but from the past you have told me what didn't like in the book *grin*

    I have read couple of books by Jennifer Crusie. "Bet Me" and "getting Rid of Riley" were one of them. I love "Bet Me".

    Please let me know how you like MacGregor's Knight of Darkness and Sword of Darkness. I thought about reading this book but kept changing my mind :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Julia, I will definitely post the reviews on Kinley MacGregor's books. :)

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