At a graduation night ten years ago, Katrina Spencer finally musters her courage to seduce Brock Denton, a bad boy whom she likes but knows they are not destined to be together. But Brock turns her down, sending her away and deeply humiliated. She never forgets that night, until ten years later, she meets him again on a deserted island.

Brock Denton is now an undercover FBI Agent. Things are going smoothly with his job until he answers to his real name accidentally and has his cover blown. Now he has to flee before the smugglers catch up on him. He manages to escape and ends up on an island, and is equally shocked to meet face to face with a grown-up Kat.

Kat wishes she is with her friends at a bachelorette party at Vegas, instead of spending time to herself at a family private island before marrying to her fiance, Ian whom she admires but doesn't love. When she sees Brock again, he reminds her of the night when he had turned down on her, but Brock thinks otherwise, for he has never forgotten about her. Now Kat doesn't know what to think; although she tells herself she is going to get married within a few days' time, still she can't fight the yearnings she still have for Brock.

But danger catches up on Brock and he vows to protect the woman whom he had let down once, as well as to deal with the sparks that fly between them.

Will Kat allow herself to be seduced and follow her heart? Or is this just part of Brock's remedy of the past?

Toni Blake has weaved a wonderful romance suspense story. Readers will be Swept Away with this book.
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  1. Julia Says:

    Sound like a great book. I try to see if I can find copy of this. But I'm bit not sure if I will get it soon - since this is in trade sizes and that too much expense for me. I always get it in paperback....

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