Actually I have been anticipating this book when it was first released in hardcovers. (I'm not into hardcovers. First, the price is way too expensive, secondly it isn't easy to carry a book with that weight.) So the moment I saw the paperbacks hit the shelves, I made a run for it.

The beginning was great; the story starts off with a sunny afternoon in Boston, and the protoganist Clayton Riddell has inked a contract for his first graphic novel. But in an instant, his dreams...and everything is shattered when an eerie event hits the earth. Caused by a brain zapping burst of energy known as the Pulse, it would turn all humans into mindless killing machines once they use the cell phones. Others simply committed suicide without their knowingly... For those who aren't so lucky (at least I think those committed suicide is far better than those who are not), they walk the earth as zombies, killing anyone who crosses their paths. Everywhere is in chaos.

I hate to admit that I didn't finish this book. Frankly I was hooked with the beginning, and was anxious to read more; but when it came to the part where the people turned to zombies after pressing their cell phones onto their ears, my thoughts goes like: "Oh, so it's one of those 'Living Dead of the Night' story"...

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this story, but I am just not into reading zombies' or anything of the same. Stephen King is a great writer, and I enjoyed his earlier works and liked them: titles like Carrie, Misery, Christine, It, Shining etc. I am hoping he will write more of these in future.
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  1. Julia Says:

    I have seen the original Carrie and love that one. It broadcast here lot of time.

    Is Misery the one about a famous writer was trapped in a house by pycho woman, who is his biggest fan? If so, I saw that movie too. And thought it was good :)

    Great review by the way! Not sure if I ever pick this up. I never read Stephen King books but I have seen movies base on his book :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Oh yes, I enjoyed watching Carrie, and Shining, Christine and It as well.

    Indeed that's the storyline for Misery. Wow, looks like you have watched a few of Stephen King's movies too. ;)

  3. Julia Says:

    See told ya I have seen King's movie but not read his books LOL

    SO yep that mean I have seen Misery and Carrie. Also IT.

    Personally I prefer to see his movies than reading the books. I couldn't get into his book. And that is weird thing. *shrug* oh well...maybe it just me ;) :)

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