I have read the reviews from B&N before picking up this book, and I admit I was skeptical at first when I noticed most of them seem to give low ratings. But I told myself I am not going to miss reading it just because of that, so I went on and I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed the book thoroughly, and it wasn't as bad as some of the reviewers indicated. Judith McNaught's writings still shine in my opinion, and I like her characters. Anyway, back to the review...

Mitchell Wyatt never knew his family when he was young and assumed he was an orphan, while actually he belongs to the prominent Wyatt family, but Cecil Wyatt wouldn't acknowledge him as his grandson for he was the 'result' after his father had an affair with the secretary. Mitchell's mother demanded the child to be a legitimate Wyatt member, and Cecil sent Mitchell to exclusive board schools throughout the world, until he was a grown man and now a self-made millionaire.

Then William Wyatt disappeared; he was the only grandson whom Cecil acknowledged and everyone turned their attention to Mitchell since they were half-brothers. Mitchell cared for William and his family, but to the outsiders they thought he had an agenda of his own.

Mitchell met Kate Donovan in a restaurant on the Caribbean Island of Anguillia, when she accidentally splashed wine onto his shirt. He was attracted to her and asked her out. Kate had a lawyer boyfriend Evan who knew the Wyatt family, but he was too busy in his work and neglected their relationship. Kate thought she would enjoy the vacation with Evan, but he disappointed her. On the other hand, she was intrigued with Mitchell and after a few dates with him, she was attracted to him. Both of them were unaware that the detectives were following them, until they found a lead and had Mitchell return to Chicago for some queries about the murder of William. Evan told Kate that Mitchell might use her to get revenge on him as his father played a part in sending Mitchell away when he was younger. Then things go awry and misunderstandings and complications got in between Mitchell and Kate... And I was glad the suspense (plus the tension between Mitchell and Kate) led me to flip through the pages quickly. Finally, I hope Judith will go back to writing historicals again (maybe she does), because I find them a joy to read, and I can't forget her phenomenal bestseller Whitney, My Love.
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  1. Julia Says:

    I love Judith McNaught books, am big fan! And Every Breath You Take was good book :) Great review!

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