I was so excited that I got the final volume of Hanazakarino Kimitachihe on Saturday! I was glad I made a reservation with a video shop so that they would give me a call when it was released. I wasn't surprised when I stepped into the shop and saw the shop assistant holding a long list of names and was busily calling up their customers to collect the DVDs. From this you can tell how popular this drama serial is. You may read my previous review here.

*** WARNING: SPOILERS!*** (well...except the ending)

Anyway, in this final episode, Rui Xi was thrilled to learn they were going for a vacation, especially when she learnt there will be a spa pool, but she was also vexed she couldn't enjoy it with the others since it was an open pool and that meant her identity would be exposed unless she had to do it in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping.

So there she was, thinking she had the pool by herself when she stumbled upon Quan, who also thought there wouldn't be anyone around at that time. Both of them were equally stunned to find each other in the pool, but Quan was the first to "recover" from the surprise and not trying to embarrass her further (as well as himself), he left the pool first. Rui Xi was worried if Quan had found her behaviour unusual, but banished the thought as she was most worried about her identity being exposed, which to her relief Quan didn't appear to have known anything about it.

On the other hand, Quan was vexed and worried that Rui Xi's identity would be exposed under the scrutiny by the the famous photographer Yuan who felt they (Quan, Xiu Yi, Nan and Rui Xi) have the potential of being great models, and also commented Rui Xi have a unique feminity looks for a guy. Yuan hinted to Quan and Rui Xi that photos wouldn't lie, since any small actions/gestures would be captured on the films and his remarks further made Quan and Rui Xi uneasy. Quan didn't want to be Yuan's model initially, but Yuan promised he won't tell Rui Xi about him (Quan) knowing her true identity if he agreed to model for him. Trying to be protective of Rui Xi, Quan agreed.

When the films were developed, Yuan was positive that Quan and Rui Xi behaved like a couple more than roommates. To further prove his theory was right, he asked Rui Xi out and shared with her his 'sad' family history (which he made it all up). Being a girl, Rui Xi was sensitive to his feelings and blurted her thoughts. Yuan was very satisfied (not to mention proud) that his guess was correct; while Rui Xi was horrified to learn Yuan was testing her but what worried her most was Quan had known her identity all along and kept mum about it!

Meanwhile, Quan was comfy about his current relationship with Rui Xi although he knew his thoughts was a little selfish and unfair to Rui Xi (he wasn't sure what would happen if he confessed to Rui Xi that he knew she was a girl and worried their relationship would change). He just wanted to be with Rui Xi and protect her quietly in his own way, but he feared that has to be changed.

After that encounter with Yuan, Rui Xi decided to confess her feelings with Quan. So they met up a place to talk, but was disrupted by their classmates until they accidentally stumbled into the school's broadcasting room. At that time, the DJ was out for his toilet break and had left the door unlocked. Not knowing that they had accidentally hit the 'broadcast' button in a haste, they confessed to each other that they had things to tell to the other party. But before they had a chance to do so, the DJ walked in, followed by a bunch of school mates who were all dying to find out what they had to say to each other. Mortified that the rest of the school had overheard her conversation with Quan (although she hadn't confessed yet), Rui Xi scurried off.

Rui Xi decided to return to the States, but the mates stopped her from doing so, including Quan and Xiu Yi. So what would happen in the end? This is the only part which I won't tell...

I LOVE this drama serial! And I was sorry that it ended...Especially eye candy like Wu Zun and Jiro Wang. *sigh*
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  1. Julia Says:

    Great review! It'll be long while until I be able to check this out..but not anytime soon. Since it not available here yet :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Thanks Julia! I really hope you will be able to find this serial over there soon!!! :)

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