Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs. This month's Mailbox Monday is hosted by Passages to the Past.

Here's what I received last week:

1) Wither by Lauren DeStefano (bought from The Book Depository)

What books came into your house last week?

6 Responses
  1. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    Ooh. I've heard good stuff about this one.

  2. Trish Says:

    Pretty cover!!

    I don't usually get books in the mail, but I did receive a box the other day. I totally forgot that I won a prize package during the readathon--5 Georgette Heyer books! I've never read anything by her so I'm excited to discover what the hype is about!

    Hope you're having a great week so far, Melody!

  3. Anna Says:

    Looks like a good one. Enjoy!

  4. Iliana Says:

    I like that cover! I've got a lot of books I need to post about :)

  5. Melody Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Trish - Congrats on the books win! Hope you'll enjoy reading them!!

  6. naida Says:

    looks good! happy reading.