It's April, and C.B. James' TBR Dare Challenge ended last Friday. When I first participated in this challenge, I was thinking that maybe this would help me to leave a dent of my TBR pile, unfortunately it wasn't the case. For starters, my reading has been going on very slow since the beginning of the year; plus my regular readers will know that my commute time has also been cut short after the relocation of my office and this has somewhat affected my reading since I spent most of the time reading while travelling to and from work. And, lo and behold, another reason being that I've been eyeing at those lovely newly acquisitions and I simply couldn't say no to them after hearing them calling my name, ha (I know, it's entirely my fault and there's no excuse for this). Thus, that leaves me to only finishing two books for this challenge:

Among the two books, I've to say while I enjoyed reading one, the other was a disappointment. Maybe I'm biased (I'm a huge fan of Mo Hayder), but I had had a far more enjoyable reading experience with Gone as compared to Aska Mochizuki's Spinning Tropics. I know it's unfair to compare them since they are of the different genre, I've to say the latter didn't leave up to my expectations. Though it has a chilling factor at some point, it failed to 'wow' me and I was just perplexed over the ending, oh well.

So did you participate in this challenge? If so, how are you doing?
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  1. Two books is two books!! I'm really trying not to add any more books to my shelves. It's hard, though--some of them are so tempting!

    Bummer that only one of these was a winner...

  2. Melody Says:

    Trish - Yes indeed, two books are still books. I'm hoping to read more but nowadays, I'm just glad that I'm able to finish one book in a week, hehe.

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