You must have heard stories or watched some films about a person being able to see ghosts, but have you wonder if there is also someone who may make that person who can see ghosts couldn't? No, I'm not referring to a priest or someone who has that special power but an ordinary person. 

South Korean drama "Master's Sun" lead heroine, Tae Gong-shil has the ability of seeing ghosts after she had had an accident several years back. Thus, she has been living in fear and frustration ever since. Used to be a popular student during her school days (thus her nickname "Big Sun") she now became a crazy and a weird woman in other people's eyes, because she sometimes talk to ghosts, which other people cannot see. 

Joo Joong-won, the lead hero is the CEO of Kingdom; a conglomerate that includes a major shopping mall and a hotel. He is a calculative man and he measures all relationships (no matter if it is personal or business) by money; he is the kind who would lean towards anything/anyone who benefits him. Based on the two protagonists' characteristic, their worlds shouldn't collide but it does, on a rainy night, to be precise. 

Joong-won thought Gong-shil was insane as she murmured to herself at times and touched him for no reason; while Gong-shil thought he was her savior because whenever she touched him the ghosts around her vanished. 

Joong-won didn't want to believe what she said, but it is hard to ignore her given her persistence and the things she had witnessed had proved to be true. Soon he has found himself fallen in love with her, while she has learnt not to depend on him too much as she felt by allowing him into her world might put him into danger. 

I'm a fan of both horror and romance genres so naturally "Master's Sun" appeals to me. However, what makes this drama so interesting is the chemistry between the two lead artistes. Actor So Ji-sub had portrayed the role of Joong-won perfectly through his superb acting skills (his signature in this drama is saying "Get lost!" to Gong-shil many times together with his 'go away' hand gesture). 

His two other movies, "A Company Man" where he was cast as a professional killer, and "Always" where we see him as an ex-boxer who has a dirty past but has redeemed himself and fallen in love with a blind woman, remains unforgettable to me as he has shown a tough and soft side of him respectively. Definitely a talented and versatile actor, I would say. 

Actress Gong Hyo-jin (Tae Gong-shil) may not have a face that turn heads, but her excellent acting skill speaks for everything. Through her role, she has shown us not to be afraid to embrace our fear and to conquer them; and that sometimes things are not what we think they are. You simply couldn't help but to like her character in "Master's Sun". 

Can you tell that I loved this drama? I truly do, so much so that I watched it the second time and bought the book version. 

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  1. I can see why you liked this film so much, Melody. I think I would too.

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