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Our fourth day started with a trip to Sapporo Chuo Market. This place is famous for its Hokkaido crabs, Atka mackerel, shellfish, squid and salmon.  

I'm sure beer lovers would love to pay a visit to the beer factory as our next stop is to Asahi Beer Factory. Asahi is one of the top alcohol brands in Japan and they produce other beverages besides beer as well. During the tour of the factory, we get to know the main ingredients of beer making and where they are brewed etc. Unfortunately, most of the zones we visited are non-photography areas thus no photography or videos are allowed. We also get to sample Asahi beer and I have to say it tastes not so bad, considering I'm not a beer drinker, ha. 

Okurayama Ski Jump - that's where our next destination is. Below is a spectacular panoramic view of Sapporo city. 

The snow wasn't thick enough to ski, but peeps could still take the ski lift.    

Our last place to visit is Hokkaido Shrine, which is a Shinto shrine located in Sapporo. We didn't get to go in since it was near to closing time when we arrived. 

(To be continued...)

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  1. I still have several hours until lunch, Melody. Could you please post pictures of food only after I've eaten? ;-)

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