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So I mentioned on my last WW post that we get to see snow fall on our second day of the trip, and it was so beautiful!

This is the view from our hotel room in the early morning and and there was snow flurries. It must have snowed heavily the last night because there was so much snow as compared to when we had first arrived at the hotel the previous evening.

Our first stop was to Sounkyo Gorge, situated at the foot of Mt Daisetsuzan. The mountain is accented by dramatic columnar cliffs that are lined with famous waterfalls. They called these waterfalls as Ryusei-no-taki (Shooting Star Falls) and Ginga-no-taki (Milky Way Falls).

Milky Way Falls.

Snow fall!!! Yes, we were all so excited! I could stand there all day enjoying this experience and taking in all the beautiful scenery! (Surprisingly it wasn't that freezing cold as we'd first expected.)

Our next stop was this beautiful Farm Tomita. Due to the winter season, there wasn't any flowers to be seen outdoor but there is a greenhouse where they do plant some flowers and lavenders. 

There is also another area where they exhibit dried flowers/plants and I have to say this place is a lovely sight! (Now who said dried flowers are dull and boring? Not me, definitely.) 

Our next destination was Furano Wine Factory. I'm not a big lover of wine, but it's definitely an eye-opening experience to see how wines are being fermented and stored in barrels. We also get to try some red and white wine before leaving; and guess what, we ended up buying a bottle of grape juice and a bottle of white wine respectively before proceeding to our next destination.

Our next visit is Furano Cheese Factory; but since it was a weekend we were unable to see how cheese are being made. However, we did sample bits of cheese and each of us bought a cone of ice cream, it was yummy! (You'd think it's silly to eat ice cream on a cold weather but we just couldn't resist!) 

That's typically how our lunch/dinner looks like (a hotpot filled with mixed vegetables with udon or rice), since we are vegetarians. Some of their side dishes are salads, Yasai tempura and a dish of cold tofu. I loved the hotpot; it was a nice treat on a cold weather. 

(To be continued...)

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  1. Such beautiful photos, Melody! It sounds like you had such a lovely trip.

  2. Iliana Says:

    The meal looks delicious and I love the names of the waterfalls. Thank you for sharing these!

  3. Such beautiful pictures but it does look cold! I bet the hot pot was so welcoming at the day's end.

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