So it has been a long, long while since the last time I posted a 'Wordless Wednesday' post. With our vacation (Hokkaido and Seoul) in December last year, I figured this would be a great time for me to share the pictures we took and I hope you enjoy viewing them! 

It was the first time we visited Hokkaido though; as for Seoul it was our second visit. The first time we visited Seoul in 2012, it was winter season too but it was a regret that we didn't get to watch and experience snow fall. You see, I live in a hot and humid country (Singapore) whereby summer is all year around (well, except the monsoon season towards year end) so of course you can't blame me for making a huge fuss of it, hehe. Anyway, the first day we arrived Hokkaido we were disappointed to note that it wasn't snowing; so you can imagine how excited we all were that it snowed on the second day during our visit (which I'll share during my next WW post)!     

The above three pictures were taken during our journey in the coach. If I'm not wrong, I think the tour guide did mention to us that the fields we saw (second pic) are actually lavender fields and they are a beautiful sight especially in June/July when they are in full bloom! Aside from lavenders, they also have sunflower fields too. Well I'd want to visit again during the blooming season if given a chance! 

Our first destination is at Kitanomori Ice Pavilion. The Ice Pavilion is kept at a constant temperature at -20oC; but the highlight of the pavilion is visitors can enter a spot and experience the mind blowing temperature of -41oC! The tour guide said there was a year that Hokkaido experienced a -41oC temperature (the coldest temperature ever recorded) so they had built this pavilion for history sake. Well I regret to say I didn't get to experience the -41oC temperature (though I have to say I already couldn't stand the -20oC temperature, let alone -41o) since my youngest daughter didn't want to enter the coldest zone, and I couldn't blame her.  

So that was our first sight visit on our first day. We didn't go anywhere after that because it was already evening due to our prior flight schedule but everyone with the tour group was somewhat prepared of the cold temperature and we were all hoping that we would be able to see snow fall, which I mentioned earlier that it did the following day. 

(To be continued...)
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  1. Alice Says:

    Happy new year, Melody! I miss you!

    I've never been to a place with such low temperature. Brrrrrrrr~ LOL! Great pics!

  2. Such lovely pictures, Melody! It does not snow where I live either, although the mountains are close enough I can see the snow on their tops in winter.

    My sister lives on the East Coast in a town that gets quite a bit of snow in the winter. I can't even imagine what it must be like to live with it for part of the year. I'm not a big fan of the cold, to be honest. About all I like to do is visit it now and then, knowing I can go back to my warmer climate.

  3. Iliana Says:

    Happy New Year, Melody! Sounds like guys had a wonderful trip. Look at all that snow! I'm not a big fan of cold weather unless it's summertime here in Texas and then I am desperate for some relief!

    Great to see you back here on the blog and look forward to more posts!

  4. Melody Says:

    Alice - It's been a long while! Hope you're doing well. It's good to visit such places with low temperature, but well living there is another matter, lol.

    Wendy - It must be a beautiful sight to view the mountains with snow on their tops in winter! I wish there're such sights near where I live! ;)

    Iliana - We'd had a wonderful trip! I want to visit Hokkaido again, definitely, but next time around it'd be a different season. ;) I also love seeing fruits/flowers in bloom! It's also another great experience to be able to pluck the fruits with your own hands!

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