Well, if you are a follower of this blog, you might remember that I ever mentioned about a Taiwanese drama serial (Autumn's Concerto) which got me hooked a while back. I also mentioned before that I would try not to write a post on it as I know very well that it would be nothing but a gushing post; however I could not stop babbling about the show to Julia (one of my best blogger friends whom I knew for years) until she must have got tired of my ramblings and decided to watch it. (Julia, I had so much fun discussing some of those scenes with you!)

So after watching this drama, we came up with the idea of putting this review in a Q&A format and I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we had fun doing them!

{Please be warned that they might contain some spoilers!}

Questions from Julia:

1) The show seems to have shown us many different kind of violence issue against women that are still happening today, e.g. abuse, harassment, stalker, hitting etc. What are your thoughts in how the show portrays the issues and did you find it realistic? Why or why not?
It always saddens me to read about violence happening not only to women but to all beings as well. In the show, I really felt sorry for Mu Cheng (the heroine) because she had endured many hardships since the death of her father. Besides the loss of her family (her mother ran off because she couldn't deal with all the pressure), she also has to endure the sexual harassment by her ‘stepmother’'s lover. Though he failed to abuse her in any other ways, the harrassment alone was enough to leave an emotional scar in her. I think the harrassment scenes in the show to be realistic as that continues to be an issue in today's society.

2) Being a single parent is no easy task. In the show, the heroine had raised her son for 6 years with some assistance from her friends. Life is tough and yet she managed to take care of her own son, bring food to the table and find home in a village. The mother strength comes from their own children. What do you think of the heroine’s role and the way she handle this kind of life?
I think Mu Cheng was amazing! She has sacrificed so much for her loved ones (first by leaving her lover but I will come to that later), yet she'd never grumble or complain to anyone about her condition. She has deep appreciation for everyone who gives her a helping hand whenever she is in need, and for this reason she always stay humble and grateful.

3) The little kid plays an important role in this show. The kid brought his parents closer together again. And he even got closer to his grandmother too (which he never knew of their relationship until towards the end). He also brings out the good in everyone who’s in his life. What is it about the kid, who seems to bring people together?
Oh I loved Mu Cheng’s son! He’s so sweet and adorable! (See above poster) I think it is great that he’s able to bring his parents together again, after all the misunderstandings and that fate has played a cruel joke on them. Despite of his young age and that he has diabetes, I really admire the strength in him because he is always so cheerful and optimistic (I think Mu Cheng played a significant role in this by showering him with lots of love and attention). His zest for life and his optimism is simply contagious.

4) The hero and heroine started out with a love/hate relationship. But what bring them close together was understanding each other background history. The kind of childhood life they were raised to be. If the hero and heroine situation was turned, do you think their life would be any different or would it stay the same? Do you like love/hate relationship type in movies?
I admit I hated Guang Xi’s (the hero) attitude from the beginning. Given his wealthy status and his unhappy childhood, it’s not surprising that he chose to be rebellious and acted as if he was the king of the school he’s in (after all his mother owns the school). When Mu Cheng first met Guang Xi, he gave her the impression that he was a playboy and that he was insensitive and arrogant, yet the more she knew him she knew that deep down in his heart he wasn’t such a bad person after all.

And Guang Xi’s opinion in Mu Cheng changed after a bet he had with his friends. He knew he had hurt her deeply despite her trust in his, and this made him feeling very remorse. That goes without saying that his attitude towards her totally changes after that incident.

As for the change of situation, I think Mu Cheng will remain the person as she was. If she’s feeling optimistic despite her difficult situation, I don’t see why there’s any changes in her if given a better condition, after all it is in her personality and not that status would change anything. As for Guang Xi, I do think that he might be a different person and be more humble if he was in Mu Cheng’s shoes.

I have no preferences when it comes to the scenarios in any romance movies and as long as they capture the essence (and transition?) of love I’m fine with it.

5) It seems that the hero and the heroine are destined to be together. So many scenes show fate play in this role. No matter where they go, they will meet again. Do you believe in fate?
Yes, I do.

6) Secondary characters play a role where they help the hero and the heroine in so many ways. What do you think of the secondary characters?
There are a wonderful cast of secondary characters in this show. For example, the woman whom Guang Xi was engaged after his brain surgery (he has no memory of his past with Mu Cheng together), as well as the guy (Hua Tuo Ye) who liked Mu Cheng all the while ever since the day she had saved him from some gangsters. I liked Hua Tuo Ye because he is always so selfless towards Mu Cheng and her son. Though Mu Cheng only treated him as her good friend, this doesn't stop Tuo Ye from helping her and I really admired him for that.

Secondary characters definitely play an important role in any shows. Come to think of it, don't you think it'd be boring and meaningless if the show focus nothing but the lead characters? Without the villians, how would the heroes shine? (Yes, there are villians in this show too.)

Questions from Melody:

1) What are your views of the hero and the hero from the beginning? Do you think there is indeed chemistry between them despite the difference of their personality and their status?
First, I’d say never judge a person by his looks. That’s how I’d describe Guang Xi because initially he didn’t leave a good impression on me. His insensitive and arrogant attitude totally put me off, but as the show progress, I found out that what made him rebellious was the fact that he had an unhappy childhood; he also blamed his mother for his parents’ separation which in fact, it was all due to his misunderstandings.

As for Mu Cheng, she gave me the impression of being weak due to her physique (and she cried a lot in the show) but in fact, I think she was way much stronger (in terms of her positive outlook on life) as compared to many characters in the show. Guang Xi was attracted to her because of her optimism, and I think it reminds him of what he should be grateful for in his life.

I absolutely think there is great chemistry between them (and personally I think they’d make a great couple in real life as well!) because I could just feel their attraction sizzle on screen. They had really done a great performance in portraying a pair of star-crossed lovers.

2) What makes you think the hero changed his opinions on the heroine thereafter?
I mentioned before that Guang Xi was attracted by Mu Cheng’s optimism, and her attitude towards the bet further made him think differently of her. I suppose he sees a little of himself in her, as both felt that life should've treated them better.

3) After the hero knew about his brain tumor, he refused to seek further medical assistance from his mother's friend, somewhat knowing he would feel obligated and be pressured to enter a relationship with his daughter. At this stage, do you think he is doing the right thing by saying no to the help he might get?
I have to admit that scene had almost moved me to tears. I think he must have struggled with the decision earlier but in the end, he had chosen not to proceed with the surgery because he loved Mu Cheng too much. He’d rather died than feeling obligated to marry another woman he doesn’t love. On the other end, Mu Cheng definitely wanted Guang Xi to go for the surgery because she’d rather have him healthy and alive than anything. Both of them have different opinions but the bottom line is, they just wanted the best for the other party.

4) So finally the heroine has somehow convinced him into getting medical assistance, but as a way of telling a white lie. If you were the hero, would you blame her for deceiving you in the first place?
Well, that’s a tough question (even I have to say so myself, haha). Yes, if I were the hero I’d feel somewhat cheated in the first place, but after considering her option and the struggle she’s gone through, I think I will have to forgive her.

5) The heroine has chosen not to rekindle her relationship with the hero after the success of his surgery, partly given the fact that he couldn't remember her after the surgery. Do you think it's fair to their young son since he has the right to know who his father is?
Based on the young son’s perspective, he definitely has the right to know who his father is, but then again I understand Mu Cheng’s decision for choosing not to disclose this information to him because she felt it wouldn’t do them any good since she thought Guang Xi has no memory of them and that he’s going to get married to another woman anyway.

6) Is it true that if you love a person, then you should let him/her go under certain circumstances?
That’s a tough decision, and not to mention a heartbreaking one. Honestly speaking, I’m not sure if I could do that but I guess it has to depend on how serious the circumstances are. If taken the same scenario as this show, I think I would probably do what Mu Cheng has done – by leaving her loved one so that he will have a chance of living.


So there you have it! I still think it's a gushing post, just that it is 'disguised' in a Q&A form, hehe.

Now go visit Julia's blog for her answers.

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  1. Julia Says:

    OMG Melody your answers are so much BETTER then mine. I should have put more thoughts into my answers. I find it intereting to see your answers to each questions and agree with most of what you said, especially about the hero change from bad to good. Although I chuckle at your answer to #4 from your question LOL!

    This was fun, thanks for joint review this show with me! And yeah, your ramblings got me addicted to this show, darn it LOL! Maybe we shall do another one someday ;)

  2. The Bookworm Says:

    wow, melody this sounds so good. Great questions/answers. I do like those love/hate type relationships in films, they seem to be so much more passionate.

  3. Violet Says:

    This does seem like a great series, what channel does this come on? Does it have English subtitles?

  4. Melody Says:

    Julia - I enjoyed reading your answers too, Julia. It's a great joy comparing notes with you, and I absolutely had fun with our joint-review! I hope we'll do this again! :)

    Naida - I agree with you there!

    Violet - I'll email you about this drama shortly. :)

  5. Alice Says:

    This is a very good disguise, Melody. LOL! I enjoyed reading the Q&A between you and Julia.

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