How time flies! Today is already the third day of BBAW and I am enjoying every moment of it! Today's topic is to share a book or genre we have tried under the influence of another blogger. Well, I definitely have a lot to share through reading all the wonderful recommendations around the blogosphere but I want to highlight this particular bookblogger (and a dear friend!) who has influenced me to read graphic novels, a genre which I have not tried even though I read mangas. She is Ana (aka Nymeth) of Things Mean A Lot.

Ana is a prolific reader and I enjoy reading her posts because she writes eloquently and her reviews are always so insightful and thoughtful. The graphic novel which I mentioned is Blankets by Craig Thompson and though I have seen lots of rave reviews on this one, it is actually Ana's review that made me pick up this book and read it (here's her joint review with Aarti of BookLust, another blog which I too enjoy reading). Needless to say, Blankets became one of my favourite reads this year.

Another blogger I want to give a shout out is Sandy of You've Gotta Read This! Though I am a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers, it is her review of 61 hours by Lee Child that got me pick up his Jack Reacher's series (Sandy also mentioned that Jack is her literary crush so the more I am intrigued with the hero and the series). I bought Die Trying and The Enemy the day before and had ordered the very first book of the series, Killing Floor, since I could not find it in the bookstore. I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can read it in order, though I understand the series can be read as standalone. You can bet I will be adding the rest of the series to my wishlist in the near future!

What about you? What book or genre you have tried due to the influence of another blogger?

Note: Wordless Wednesday will resume next week as I haven't go through my photo archive. My apologies!
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18 Responses
  1. I really enjoy Sandy and Ana's blogs. They are certainly great discoveries

  2. Oh Ana has been my #1 blogging influence as well...hands down. I've learned so much from her through blogging-about all different types of genres and books. Totally with you! :)

  3. Anna Says:

    I love all of the blogs you mentioned!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ana has made me want to read Graphic novels too but I am yet to make the plunge.

  5. Julia Says:

    It wonderful that Ana and Sandy gave you great recommendation, and I hope you enjoy those books. I do love Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. They are awesome and I recommend it too :)

  6. Those are great blogs!

    Here is my BBAW: Unexpected Treasure post!

  7. Memory Says:

    Ana's responsible for an ungodly number of the books on my wishlist!

  8. I love Ana's blog but I admit that I can't get into graphic novels for some reason.

    I love Jack Reacher books though :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'm a huge fan of Ana's too! She has very similar bookish tastes to mine but reads much more widely! And her posts always make me go away and think.

  10. Unknown Says:

    Nymeth is always on the outer vicinity of my cirle of bloggers, oft mentioned, never seen...

    ...suppose I should check her blog out then ;)

  11. Care Says:

    I don't think I would have ever tried a graphic novel until I started blogging, either! and Nymeth, well - she's awesome.

  12. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I mentioned Ana's blog too today, with regards to graphic novels. In fact, everything she recommends ends up on my list. See, I am thinking we need to do an "Ana Challenge" next year, and we just read what she reads. Thanks for the mention, too, Melody. I think you will dig Mr. Reacher. If ever I am being bullied by bad guys, I want him on my side to comfort me!

  13. Amy Says:

    Both are wonderful blogs. Ana especially has made me want to branch out as well into graphic novels!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Ana and Aarti make me want to read graphic novels. I'm afraid to admit that I have yet to follow up on their advice :(

  15. Amanda Says:

    Ana is amazing for influence!

  16. The Bookworm Says:

    Great blogs Melody :)
    Nymeth is fantastic, her reviews are always so well written.

    I definitely have taken recommendations from other bloggers and discovered wonderful reads that way.

  17. joanna Says:

    Ooh, I hadn't heard of Blankets, I'll check it out. And that Ana has a lot to answer for doesn't she! :-)

  18. Veens Says:

    I guess Nymeth is the best in making you want to read something! The more I read her blog, the more I add to my wishlist :D

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